Florence Annie BALDWYN

05.04.1881 - 08.07.1964




1. John BALDWYN, born c 1775. He married Mary _________.


                      i  Ann BALDWYN, baptised 5 January 1800, Ripple. Buried at Ripple on 3 March 1800.

                  2. ii   William Sanson BALDWYN

Ripple Parish Church



2. William Sanson BALDWYN was baptised on 6 June 1802 at Ripple. He married Hephzibah MILLS on 31 August 1828 at Leckhampton Parish Church. Hephzibah died on 25 October 1860 at 19 Tivoli Street, Cheltenham. William was a labourer (1842) and blacksmith journeyman (1860); he died on 31 October 1882 at Field Cottage, Tivoli Lane, Cheltenham.


                 3   i     John BALDWYN

                      ii    Mary Elizabeth BALDWYN, born 1831, died 1834

                 4  iii    William BALDWYN

                 5  iv   Alfred BALDWYN

                 v   Elizabeth BALDWYN, born 1836, Cheltenham

                vi  Hephzibah BALDWYN, born 28 September 1842,  at 16 Exmouth Street, Cheltenham. In 1871 she was living with brother Alfred, in Cirencester. She never married.

               vii  Charlotte BALDWYN, born 1847, Cheltenham. In 1871 she was the servant in charge at 9 Lansdowne Parade, Cheltenham.



3. John BALDWYN was baptised on 11 January 1829 in Cheltenham. He married Elizabeth PEARCE, baptised 30 March 1823 in Stroud, on 29 April 1849 at Cheltenham Parish Church. In 1861 the family was living at Meerstones, Leckhampton.

Cheltenham Parish Church

Elizabeth died on 27 February 1887, aged 68, at Warden, Leckhampton. John died in the first quarter of 1896, aged 70.


                6.    i     John William BALDWYN

                       ii    Henry BALDWYN, born 1852/3 Leckhampton

                7.   iii   (Elizabeth) Charlotte BALDWYN

                8.   iv    Alfred BALDWYN

                       v   Mary BALDWYN, born 1858, Cheltenham


4. William BALDWYN, born 1836, Cheltenham. He married Jane Gibbons BENNETT, a paper sorter, in the first quarter of 1853 (Cheltenham). In 1861 the family lived at 87 Albert Street, Oldbury, when William was described as a labourer and Jane was an upholstress. She died in Aston, 1893. William's occupation in 1885 was given as manager. in 1901 William BALDWYN was living in Aston with his daughter Hephzibah.


                9.    i     Henry William BALDWYN

                       ii    (Annette) Louisa BALDWYN, born 1854/6, Cheltenham. Deaf. Unmarried; living with sister Hephzibah in 1901.

                      iii  (Elizabeth) Annie BALDWYN, born 1858, Oldbury. She was a paper sorter.

              10    iv   Hephzibah BALDWYN

              11   v    (John William) Thomas BALDWYN

                    vi    (Jane) Amelia BALDWYN, born 1869, West Bromwich


5. Alfred BALDWYN, born 1836, Cheltenham. He married Sarah POTTER on 4 May 1859 at Charlton Kings. He was a whitesmith. In 1871 they lived at Alma Place, Lewis Lane, Cirencester. He died on 4 December 1899 at the family home - 61 Lewis Lane, Cirencester; she died in 1887.


                       i     Harriet BALDWYN, baptised 27 May 1860, Charlton Kings. A dressmaker (unmarried, 1899)

                     ii    Elizabeth Jane BALDWYN, baptised 27 July 1862, Charlton Kings. A dressmaker

                      iii   Lucy BALDWYN, baptised 26 February 1865, Charlton Kings.



6. John William BALDWYN was born on 17 February 1850, in Warden, Leckhampton. A gardener by trade, he married Elizabeth WALKER (born 1850, Tewkesbury) at Tewkesbury Abbey on 21 August 1871. Following the move to Birmingham around 1890, he worked as a general labourer. He died at the Workhouse Infirmary, Western Road, Birmingham on 16 December 1909. Elizabeth died on 20 March 1896 at home: House 9 Court 4 Thorp Street, Birmingham.

Tewkesbury Abbey



           12   i   Edith Charlotte Elizabeth BALDWYN

           13   ii   Rosa Alice BALDWYN

           14  iii  Alfred Ernest BALDWYN

           15  iv  Florence Annie BALDWYN


7. (Elizabeth) Charlotte BALDWYN, born Dec Q 1854 Leckhampton (ref: Cheltenham 6a 330). She married Thomas Albert CLISSOLD, a brushmaker, in the final quarter of 1873 (ref: Cheltenham 6a 908). The family lived at 58 Vauxhall Road, Gloucester. Thomas died, aged 45, in the June Q 1899 (ref: Gloucester 6a 213).


                 i   Albert John E CLISSOLD, born Dec Q 1874 (ref: Gloucester 6a 304). He was a blacksmith who married in the June Q 1903 (ref: Gloucester  6a 638)

                ii   Florence CLISSOLD, born Dec Q 1876 (ref: Gloucester 6a 314) She was a dressmaker.

                iii  Alfred Henry CLISSOLD, born March Q 1879 (ref: Gloucester 6a 321). He married in Birmingham in the first quarter of 1898 (ref: 6d 194)

                iv  Charlotte Mabel CLISSOLD, born Dec Q 1880 (ref: Gloucester 6a 290). She was a shirt maker who died, aged 27, in the first quarter of 1908 (ref: Gloucester 6a 251).

               v   William Francis CLISSOLD, born Sep Q 1883 (ref: Gloucester 6a 300). He was a blacksmith who married in the June Q 1910 (ref: Gloucester 6a 510)

               vi   (Roland) George CLISSOLD, born 1888

         16  vii   Daisy Rosamond CLISSOLD


8. Alfred BALDWYN, born 1856, Cheltenham. Married Mary _________. In 1891 the family was living at Warden Lane, Leckhampton. By 1901 they had moved to 5 Commercial Street, Cheltenham. He died aged 60 in 1917 (ref March Q 1917, Cheltenham 6a 725)


            i   Gertrude Florence BALDWYN, born 2nd quarter 1880,  Leckhampton. She was a private nurse to the sick (1901).

                ii   Alice Maud BALDWYN, born 2nd quarter 1881, Leckhampton. She married in the first quarter of 1902 in Cheltenham.

               iii  Annie Elizabeth BALDWYN, born 4th quarter 1883, Leckhampton. She was a domestic servant (1901) and married in the final quarter of 1906 in Cheltenham.

               iv   Alfred John BALDWYN, born 2nd quarter 1886, Leckhampton. He was a Gordon Boy Brigade(?) 1901.

               v    Ellen May BALDWYN, born 2nd quarter 1889, Leckhampton. She married Evelyn V R FISHER in the last quarter of 1915 (ref: Cheltenham 6a 1216).

               vi   Lilian Susan BALDWYN, born Sep Q 1891 (ref: Cheltenham 6a 396)

              vii   Willie Harold BALDWYN, born Mar Q 1896 (ref: Cheltenham 6a 375)

             viii   Winifred D BALDWYN, born 1900, Cheltenham. She married George W DENNY in the third quarter of 1919 (ref: Cheltenham 6a 1280)


9. Henry William BALDWYN, born on 22 July 1852, at Warden, Leckhampton. He married Maria Rammell DIBB (born 1855) on 8 May 1876 at the Congregational Chapel, Winchcombe Street, Cheltenham.

Henry and Maria BALDWYN

He worked as a carter for Midland Railways. In 1901 they were living at 11 St James Street, Birmingham. William died on 29 December 1938; Maria died on 6 June 1938 - both are buried at Northfield cemetery, Birmingham.

Henry William BALDWYN


                 i    William Henry BALDWYN, born and died 1876, Aston.

        17     ii    Charlotte (Lottie) E. C. BALDWYN

Charlotte BALDWYN (seated)

       18    iii   Alfred William BALDWYN

             iv   Alice Elizabeth BALDWYN, born 6 December 1884 at 8 Montpellier retreat, Cheltenham. She was a dressmaker (1901). She married Henry PARSONS in Sep Q 1918 (ref Aston 6d 1162)

       19     v    Emily Beatrice BALDWYN

       20    vi    Henry BALDWYN

               vii   Florence BALDWYN, born 1895


10. Hephzibah BALDWYN, born 1861, Oldbury. She was a paper sorter (1881) and paper-bag maker at the time of her marriage on 6 April 1885 at St Saviour's Church, Saltley, Birmingham. She married Walter Ambrose PHILLIPS, a paper boiler (son of James PHILLIPS, a waggoner). In 1891 they lived at 14 Perseverance Avenue, Avenue Road, Aston. He was an engine driver (stationary). By 1901 they had moved to 1 Mount Street, Aston, when Walter was described as an engine driver (railway).


                 i   Mary PHILLIPS, born 1892, Birmingham


11. John William Thomas BALDWYN, born 29 June 1864, Oldbury. He married Mary Ann CALDICOTT, born 1867 (daughter of John CALDICOTT, a jeweller) at Bishop Ryder Parish Church on 27 November 1887. He was a warehouseman. They lived at Court 5, 7 House, 33 Bagot Street in 1891. By 1901 they had moved to 9 House, 42 Court Bagot Street, and he was listed as a general labourer.


                 i   John William Thomas BALDWYN, born 1886/7, an errand boy to a wood turner (1901). He died in 1953 and was buried in plot G243 at St Barnabas Church, Erdington, Birmingham. His wife, Elizabeth Ellen BALDWYN died in 1969 and was buried alongside her husband.

                 ii   Violet Elizabeth BALDWYN, born 1889/90, Birmingham.

         21    iii   Florence Edith BALDWYN

                iv   Lilly E BALDWYN, born 1898, Birmingham

                v   Mary B BALDWYN, born 1899, Birmingham



12.  Edith Charlotte Elizabeth BALDWYN, born 11 December 1871 at 2 St Mark's Place, Cheltenham. She married John William BAKER, a brass worker, on 10 July 1892 at Holy Trinity Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. In 1896 they were living at 20 Hollier Street, Aston. In 1901 they were living at 6 House 8 Court Sun Street, Birmingham. At that time he was the manager of a coffin furniture business. When Florence married, his occupation was listed as window cleaner.


            22   i   Florence E BAKER

                  ii   Albert G BAKER, born 1894

                  iii   Minnie E BAKER, born 1898

                 iv   Arthur Walter BAKER, born 11 July 1912 (ref: Sep Q 1912,  Aston 6d 405). He died in September 1986, aged 74.


13.  Rosa Alice BALDWYN, born 13 November 1874, Oddington, Oxfordshire. She was a brass cutter (1891). She married John TOM(P)KINS, a fitter/cycle dealer, on 26 March 1894 at Holy Trinity Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. In 1901 they were living at 7 House 5 Court Sun Street, Birmingham. From spring 1922 (or before) until their deaths, they lived at 35 Bordesley Green, Birmingham where John had his cycle business. Rosa died in April 1947; John died in November 1949. They are buried in the same grave (plot 54465) at Yardley cemetery, Birmingham.


             23      i   Winifred TOMKINS

             24     ii   Rose H TOMKINS

                     iii   Wilfred TOMKINS, born 1898


14. Alfred Ernest BALDWYN, born 12 October 1875, baptised 5 November 1875 at St Michael's, Coventry. He was a brass polisher (1891), machinist (1897), wood cutting machinist (1901). He married Emily Elizabeth KENDRICK born 15 October 1880 (daughter of Alfred (died before 1901) and Elizabeth KENDRICK, file cutter and nail plater, charwoman (1901) respectively) on 27 February 1897 at St Luke's, Birmingham. In 1901 they were living at 3 Thomas Place, Wheeler Street, Birmingham. He died in 1955 at Oakwood Road, Smethwick; she died in 1951.


             i   Emily Elizabeth BALDWYN, born 21 December 1897, Birmingham

                ii   Alfred Ernest BALDWYN, born 1 February 1900, Birmingham. Died on 3 April 1901 at Back 46 Wheeler Street, Birmingham

               iii   Albert Leonard BALDWYN, born June Q 1902 (ref B'ham 6d 134). He married Dorothy Helen BROWN (ref: Sep Q 1926, Birmingham S 6d 377).

         25   iv   Hilda Ellen BALDWYN

                v   Horace Norman BALDWYN, born 4 March 1908 (ref B'ham 6d 155); died aged 78 in Worcester in October 1986.

               vi   Victor John BALDWYN, born 17 May 1919; died aged 85 in Sandwell in January 2005.


15. Florence Annie BALDWYN, born 5 April 1881 at 1 Casino Place, Cheltenham. She married Fred ILES, born 27 July 1878, Birmingham, on 4 March 1900 at Holy Trinity Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. She died 8 July 1964, buried: Yardley Cemetery, Birmingham.  Fred died 22 March 1937, buried: Yardley Cemetery, Birmingham.


            26     i      Florence Annie ILES

            27     ii     Lily Elizabeth ILES

                    iii    Violet Sophia ILES, born 29 April 1910, baptised 15 May 1910 at St Andrew’s Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. Married Walter Cecil HALL, a machine hand, on 4 August 1934 at St Andrew’s Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. No children. Walter died in August 1983, aged 86; Violet died on 15 January 2007, aged 96.

            28     iv    Irene Beatrice ILES.

            29     v     Nellie ILES.

            30     vi    Doris ILES.

            31     vii    Edith ILES.

                     viii   Amy ILES, baptised 22 July 1915 at St Andrew’s Church,   Bordesley, Birmingham. Unmarried. She died in October 1985, aged 70.

            32     ix    Harold Arthur ILES

            33     x     Leonard Alfred ILES.

            34     xi    Fred ILES.

                     xii   ‘Baby’ ILES.

                     xiii  Elsie ILES, baptised 25 June 1914 at St Andrew’s Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. Died 27 June 1914, 66 Wolseley Street, Birmingham, aged 2 months.

                    xiv  Winifred ILES, baptised 9 August 1905 at Holy Trinity Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. Died 11 May 1907, 99 Carlton Road, Aston, Birmingham, aged 20 months.

Holy Trinity Church, Bordesley, Birmingham


16. Daisy Rosamond CLISSOLD, born June Q 1892 (ref: Gloucester 6a 3_7). She married Harold G BURDEN in the final quarter of 1918 (ref: Gloucester 6a 771).


               i    Gilbert J A BURDEN, born Sep Q 1920 (ref: Gloucester 6a 672)

              ii    Leslie H BURDEN, born Sep Q 1922, Gloucester


17. Charlotte (Lottie) E. C. BALDWYN, born 1877, Birmingham. She was a pinafore maker (1901). She married Arthur LONG in Dec Q 1910 (ref Aston 6d 359).


               i    Arthur R LONG, born Dec Q 1912 (ref: Kings Norton 6c 475)

              ii    Sidney T LONG, born Dec Q 1917 (ref: Kings Norton 6c 73)


18. Alfred William BALDWYN, born 1879, Birmingham. He was a bridle cutter (1901). He married Clara Jane GREEN in Aston, in 1903; but the marriage did not last. Their only child was brought up by Alfred.

Alfred died on 14 March 1952 and is buried at Northfield cemetery, Birmingham.

Harold Alfred Thomas, his father Alfred William, and grandfather William Henry BALDWYN


          35   i    Harold Alfred Thomas BALDWYN


19. Emily Beatrice BALDWYN, born 3rd quarter 1887, a pen worker (1901). She married Robert George CLISSOLD in June Q 1913 (ref Aston 6d 669). They moved to Loughborough, then Gloucester, before moving back to Birmingham to look for work in the Depression. He died at 130 Borrowdale Road, Northfield, Birmingham in 1958; she died in Dudley Road Hospital, Birmingham in 1969/70.

Emily CLISSOLD (nee BALDWYN) with her daughter, Dorothy


         36    i     Dorothy Rosamund CLISSOLD

               ii    Hilda Florence CLISSOLD, born 24 August 1920, died July 2003. She was brought up by her Aunt Alice and Uncle Henry (Harry). She joined the Civil Service and worked for the Inland Revenue in Cardiff. She never married.

        37    iii    Albert CLISSOLD


20. Henry John BALDWYN, born in Birmingham in 1890, married Lilian Maud STEELE (born 6 January 1891 (daughter of Alfred and Lucy Ann STEELE, nee DENSTON) on 26 December 1912 at St Clement's Church, Nechells, Birmingham. They moved to Cardiff in 1912, where he worked for Henry Corner & Co, wholesale men's clothing manufacturers, as a dispatch manager, apart from 1915-19 when he worked in Washwood Heath, Birmingham in a munitions factory. She died in Penarth, South Glamorgan in 1973; he died in Cardiff on 7 May 1977.


               i      Leslie Clifford (Cliff) BALDWYN, born 12 April 1914. Worked for the Inland Revenue 24-08-1931 - 31-03-1978. Married May BALL on 18 December 1946 at Llanishen Church, Cardiff. May died on 22 October 2003.


21. Florence Edith BALDWYN, born 24 June 1891, Birmingham. She married Alfred ASHTON (born 1890) on 25 September 1911 at Birmingham Register Office. Florence died in All Saints Hospital in 1922.


                  i     Florence Edith ASHTON, born 1912, Birmingham

                 ii     Doris A ASHTON, born 1913, Birmingham

                 iii    Frances ASHTON, born 1915, Birmingham

                  iv   Ivy M ASHTON, born 1916, Birmingham

                   v   Alfred G ASHTON, born 1918, Birmingham

                   vi  Joseph T ASHTON, born 1919, Birmingham

                  vii   Horace ASHTON, born 1920, Birmingham

           38   viii  Irene Hilda ASHTON



22.    Florence Hannah Elizabeth BAKER, born 1893. She married Ernest PRICE in Birmingham on 2 August 1914. Florence PRICE died in 1938.


             38   i    Thomas PRICE


23. Winifred TOMKINS, born 1894, married _____ HODGES in Mar Q 1916 (ref Aston 6d 94).


                  i   Joan D HODGES, born March quarter, 1921 (ref: Kings Norton 6d 100)


24. Rose H TOMKINS, born 1896, married John E WARDLE in June Q 1914 (ref Birmingham 6d 556)


                    i    Hilda R WARDLE, born June quarter 1916 (ref: Aston 6d 838)

                     ii   Olive WARDLE, born Sep quarter 1920 (ref: Aston 6d 926)

                    iii   Doris WARDLE, born Dec quarter 1928, Birmingham S

                    iv   Beryl A WARDLE, born Dec quarter 1931, Birmingham S


25. Hilda Ellen BALDWYN, born 7 August 1906 (ref: Sep Q 1906, Birmingham 6d 128). She married John Thomas PANTER (born 20 October 1905) in June Q 1929 (ref: Birmingham S 6d 297). Hilda died in July 1989, aged 82; John died in December 1990, aged 85.


                    i   Bryan PANTER, born Dec quarter 1934, Birmingham

                   ii   Colin PANTER, born June quarter 1942, Oldbury


26. Florence Annie ILES, born 11 November 1901, baptised 20 January 1904 at Holy Trinity Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. Married Leonard John ROBERTS, a grinder, on 7 June 1924 at St Andrew’s Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. She died, aged 92, in February 1994.


                      i      Leonard (Lennie) J ROBERTS, born Sep quarter 1925

                      ii     William (Bill) F ROBERTS, born Dec quarter 1928

                      iii    Graham F ROBERTS, born June quarter 1935


27.    Lily Elizabeth ILES, born March Q 1903 (ref Aston 6d 250), baptised 20 January 1904 at Holy Trinity Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. She died, aged 87, in July 1990. She married:

1         Arthur Phillip NEVILL, a driller, on 20 March 1926 at St Andrew’s Church, Bordesley, Birmingham.

2         Arthur BENNETT

3         Arthur KENNETT

Children of 1st marriage:

               i      Joyce NEVILL

               ii     Terence (Terry) NEVILL     

              iii    Dennis NEVILL, born 1933


28.   Irene Beatrice ILES, born 3 September 1918.  She married Douglas Verdun GREEN, (born 15 February 1917, son of Thomas Jeremiah GREEN and Annie nee WHITEHOUSE) on 19 October 1940, in St Andrew's, Bordesley, Birmingham. Irene died 4 January 1999, 25 Drummond Road, Bordesley Green, Birmingham; Douglas died 28 October 2005.


            40      i           Valerie Irene GREEN

            41      ii          Sandra Beatrice GREEN

            42      iii         John Douglas GREEN


29. Nellie Amelia ILES, born 20 April, 1912 (ref: Sep Q 1912, Aston 6d 485)Married widower Edward James TUFFIELD, born 1907, an engine assembler (1935) and gun rifler (1936). He was the son of Edward TUFFIELD, a caster. He married his first wife, Dorothy Mary HEWITT, on 21 September 1935 at Christ Church, Sparkbrook, Birmingham.                   

Nellie died, aged 86, in July 1998.

                                   Children of 1st marriage:

                       i        Sylvia Mary TUFFIELD, born 11 November 1936, baptised Christ Church, Sparkbrook, Birmingham on 6 December 1936

                         ii        David TUFFIELD

                                   Children of 2nd marriage:

                        i           Hazel TUFFIELD


30.   Doris Hannah ILES. Born 14 September, 1908 (ref: Dec Q 1908,  Aston 6d 191). Married Albert Henry SMITH, a fitter, on 5 August 1933 at St Andrew’s Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. Doris died, aged 80, in December 1988.


                        i       Barry John Henry SMITH, born 25 August 1937, baptised 12 September 1937 at St Andrew's Church, Bordesley, Birmingham

                        ii          Ann Beverley SMITH


31.   Edith ILES. Born 8 October, 1906 (ref: Dec Q 1906, Aston 6d 209). Married James Henry O’HANLON, born 22 January 1903, a gas worker, on 6 April 1931 at St Andrew’s Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. Edith died, aged 82, in Birmingham in January 1989; he died in June 1989, aged 86.


                        i           Maureen O’HANLON

                        ii          Brian O’HANLON


32.   Harold Arthur ILES, born 25 February 1924, baptised 9 March 1924 at St Andrew’s Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. Married Olive Doris ______, born 13 September 1923. Olive died, aged 75, in April 1989; Harold died on 25 September, 2005.


                        i           Carol ILES

                        ii          Lorraine ILES


33.   Leonard Alfred ILES, was born on 17 November 1920, and baptised on 2 December 1920 at St Andrew’s Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. He married Marian TAYLOR (born 29 November 1920 in Oldham, Lancs., died 3 February 2005) on 4 April 1942 at St Margaret's Church, Ward End, Birmingham. Leonard died on 6 February 1999.


                        i           Marlene ILES

                        ii          Gillian ILES

                        iii         Leonard R C ILES

                        iv         Alan ILES

                        v          Susan ILES

                        vi         Jackie ILES


34.   Frederick ILES, born 1904, baptised 20 January 1904 at Holy Trinity Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. He was a radial driller (electrical fittings) in 1930. He married:

1.           Hilda May POWELL on 26 December 1927 at St Andrew’s Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. She died in June 1928, and was buried on 21 June 1928 at Yardley Cemetery, Birmingham (plot 45103).

2.          Mary PITT, born 1906, daughter of Alexander and Elizabeth PITT (nee OLIVER). The wedding took place at The Register Office, Birmingham on 24 May 1930.

Frederick ILES died on 3 July 1967 - he was dead on arrival at Birmingham General Hospital, following a heart attack at home, 74 Ward End Road, Birmingham.

Children of 2nd marriage:

                         i         Joan Mary ILES

                         ii        Margaret R ILES, born Sep Q 1932 (ref: Birmingham N 6d 797)

                        iii       Constance A (Connie) ILES, born Dec Q 1933 (ref: Birmingham 6d 318)

                        iv        Frederick A (Freddie) ILES, born June Q 1939 (ref: Birmingham 6d 483)

                         v        Edna J ILES, born June Q 1939 (ref: Birmingham 6d 484). She died in Dec Q 1939 (ref: Birmingham 6d 485)


35. Harold Alfred Thomas BALDWYN, born in Birmingham in 1905. He married Nellie May RUTTER. Harold died in 1985.


               43    i    Harold (Harry) BALDWYN


36. Dorothy Rosamund CLISSOLD, born 24 October 1913 in Loughborough. She married Francis Herbert (Bert) HUNTLEY on 27 March 1948 at St Leonard's Church, Frankley. She worked in the printing industry (Bellows in Gloucester; Silk and Terry's in Newhall Street, Birmingham). He worked for Birmingham Water Department. Dorothy died in May 1996.


                   i     Carole HUNTLEY, born 17 July 1950, Lordswood Maternity Home, Birmingham


37. Albert CLISSOLD, married Peggy HUNTLEY (sister of Bert HUNTLEY - see 28 above).


                   i    Sandra Anne CLISSOLD, born 1948

                  ii    Tony CLISSOLD, born 1950

                 iii    Paul CLISSOLD

                 iv    Diane CLISSOLD


38. Irene Hilda ASHTON, born 28 August 1921. She married Jeremiah HAMPTON (born 1918) on 14 June 1941 in Aston; she died in 1966.


                    i      John HAMPTON, born 1946. He married Diana FENTON.

                   ii      Barbara HAMPTON, born 1950

                  iii      Linda HAMPTON, born 1950



39. Thomas PRICE, born 15 May 1924. Married Doris (Dot) BAKER, born 4 December 1926.


              44    i      Elaine PRICE

                      ii      Keith PRICE, born  29 July 1948, Birmingham. Died 1949.

                     iii      Thomas John PRICE, born 11 September 1950, Birmingham

                      iv     Gary PRICE, born 8 April 1952, Birmingham

             45     v      Diane PRICE

                      vi     Wendy PRICE, born 23 May 1958, Birmingham

                     vii     Andrew Keith PRICE, born 25 January 1962, Birmingham

                    viii    Donna Lesley PRICE, born 17 May 1963, Birmingham


40.   Valerie Irene GREEN, born 11 June 1942, baptised 28 June 1942 at St Andrew's Church, Bordesley, Birmingham; married Edward John ELSE (born 5 April 1938, son of Edward John ELSE and Gertrude May Millinda EDWARDS) on 16 March 1963, Stratford Road Baptist Church, Birmingham.


                      i     Stewart Mark ELSE, born 31 October 1966, Sorrento Maternity Hospital, Birmingham.

                      ii     Joanne Clare ELSE, born 6 January 1970, Sorrento Maternity Hospital, Birmingham


41.   Sandra Beatrice GREEN, born 2 October 1945, Birmingham; married Michael D P CUNNINGHAM (Born 23 August 1946, son of _____ CUNNINGHAM and Rose FRIEND)


                      i      Ian CUNNINGHAM, born 6 June 1978, Birmingham

                      ii     Robert CUNNINGHAM, born 11 April 1981, Birmingham


42.  John Douglas GREEN, born 22 August 1951, married Susan BURKE (born 6 May 1951, daughter of Spencer  BURKE and Rose ____ )


                      i      David GREEN, born 9 January 1978, Birmingham

                      ii     Alan GREEN, born 18 April 1980, Birmingham


43. Harold (Harry) Baldwyn, born in Birmingham in 1929. Married _________. Harry died in 1999.


               i    Mark BALDWYN, born 1958, Birmingham



44. Elaine PRICE, born 3 February 1946, Birmingham. Married John BALL (born 22 March 1946) on 30 July 1966.


         46      i    Jane Elaine BALL

         47     ii    Colin Martin BALL


45. Diane PRICE, born 30 June 1953, Birmingham. She married Christopher George SPRECKLEY (born Sidcup, Kent on 11 April 1948) on 25 November 1978 in Birmingham.

                       Children of Chris's 1st marriage (to Bidoossee Fullee)

           48    i    Samantha Santa SPRECKLEY

                ii  Roy Joseph Christopher George SPRECKLEY, born 1 September 1972. He married Jennifer SAMPSON (born Dover) in Canterbury in 1998.

                       Diane's child:

           49   i    Amanda Nicola SPRECKLEY (formerly PRICE)


46. Jane Elaine BALL, born 1969.


                   i    Emma BALL, born 1988, Sutton Coldfield


47. Colin Martin BALL, born 1973, Sutton Coldfield. He married Lorna ROUND, born 1973, Birmingham.


                  i   Georgina BALL, born 8 April 1998, Sutton Coldfield. Died April 1998, aged 2 weeks.

                   ii   Mitchell BALL, born 1999, Birmingham

                   iii  Jessie BALL, born 2002, Birmingham


48. Samantha Santa SPRECKLEY, born 1970, Reading. Married Karl Sidney REDMAN (born Ashford, 1967) on 8 May 1993 in Ashford.


                   i   Shane Karl SPRECKLEY (now REDMAN), born 21 March 1992

                   ii   Charlotte Louise REDMAN, born 24 October 1993

                  iii   Shireen Danielle REDMAN, born 12 April 1999, Ashford


49. Amanda Nicola SPRECKLEY (formerly PRICE), born 1971, Sutton Coldfield. She married Jason PRINSEP (born 6 February 1971, Pathos, Cyprus) on 20 August 2002 in Pathos, Cyprus.


                 i   Billy George Colin PRINSEP, born 11 June 2005, Sutton Coldfield.