26.11.1872 - 12.02.1947






1. UNPROVEN: ? James BROWNBILL married Elizabeth ____________.


            2.       i    John BROWNBILL



2.  John BROWNBILL, born c1815, married Margaret DOUGHERTY, daughter of John DOUGHERTY, a shoe maker, from Ireland.

John BROWNBILL was a last maker. In 1841 the family was living at Blucher Street, Islington, Liverpool.

John died of cholera in Liverpool Borough Gaol on 3 August 1849, aged 36.

In 1851 the widowed Margaret (washerwoman/pauper) was living with her family at 6 Athol Place, Grosvenor Street, Liverpool. Margaret was still in Grosvenor Street in 1861, by which time she had remarried on 2 October 1855 - husband William LEE, a labourer. Children Edward and Margaret were at home, unmarried, as was daughter Esther who was married and had a baby.

In 1881 and 1891 the family was living at 48 Leadenhall Street, Everton, Liverpool. The neighbour at number 49 (1881) was George BROWNBILL, a bricklayer and his young family - a family link?

William was a labourer in a cotton warehouse (1881) and cotton porter (1891). Margaret died of senile decay in Liverpool Workhouse in 1901.


            3.       i     Esther BROWNBILL

            4.      ii     Edward BROWNBILL

            5.     iii     Mary BROWNBILL

            6.      iv    Catherine BROWNBILL

            7.      v     Margaret BROWNBILL

            8.     vi     Clara BROWNBILL

                            Children of William's first marriage:

                     i     (Sarah) Ann LEE, born 1850/1, Liverpool. At home, a charwoman, in 1881.



3.  Esther BROWNBILL, born 1835/6, Liverpool. She married William McCAUSLAND, a seaman and coal heaver, at Liverpool Parish Church on 29 July 1855. Esther died in 1877 of obstruction of the bowels at 13 Buckingham Street, Liverpool.


                      i    Jane McCAUSLAND, born 1860

               9     ii    William Edward McCAUSLAND


4. Edward BROWNBILL, born 21 August 1837, at 3 Blucher Place, Robert Street, Liverpool. He was an errand boy (aged 12) then became a last maker. On 5 September 1870, he married Ann JOHNSON, daughter of Joseph JOHNSON, trunk maker, at The Register Office, Reading. At the time his address was 1 Vire Court, Queen’s Road, Reading and she was living at 2 Vire Court.

The Register Office, Reading

Edward died at 7 Rays Buildings, Bloomsbury Street, Aston on 8 March 1874 – cause “Syncope, By visitation of God”. There was an inquest, but this was not reported in the local newspapers (as far as I can establish) and only inquest papers 1875+ survive. In 1881 Ann and her children were living at Court 2 House 4, 16 Bradford Street, Birmingham (name registered in the census as BRAMBLE). Ann was a charwoman.


          10.     i    Margaret BROWNBILL

          11.     ii   Maria BROWNBILL               

                    iii  Ellen (Nellie) Mary BROWNBILL, born Birmingham 26 March 1874, baptised April 1874 at St Anne's Roman Catholic Church, Alcester Street; in the 1891 census she was at the Rosa Maguire Reformatory School and Refuge at Bedminster, Somerset.








Rosa Maguire Reformatory School and Refuge

She married George PIPER, labourer, (son of George Piper, labourer) on 2 January 1909 at Holy Trinity Church, Bordesley, Birmingham.


5. Mary BROWNBILL, born 1840 Liverpool. She was a servant who married James McGUINESS.


                    i    Margaret McGUINESS, born 1863, Liverpool


6. Catherine BROWNBILL, born June Q 1842, Liverpool (ref: 20 412). She married Daniel GORMAN, a warehouse porter and corn weigher (1881), in June Q 1870 (ref: Liverpool 8b 289). In 1881 they were living at 9 House 2 Court Burroughs Gardens, Liverpool, and in 1891 at 6 House, 2 Court. In the 1901 census they had moved to 34/10 Burlington Street, Liverpool.


                    i    Ellen GORMAN born 1873, Liverpool

                   ii    Mary GORMAN born 1875, Liverpool

                  iii    Esther GORMAN born 1877, Liverpool. She was a general domestic servant (living at home) in 1891 and 1901.

                 iv    Sarah Jane GORMAN, born in 1880, Liverpool. She married William MANNING.

                   v    James GORMAN, born 1882 Liverpool


7. Margaret BROWNBILL, born March Q 1847 (ref: Liverpool 20 533). She married John O'CONNOR (born 1844, Congleton) in June Q 1867 (ref: Liverpool 8b 420). In 1881 they were living at 32 Cresswell Street, Everton, Liverpool. In 1891 John was the foreman to a general merchant, and the family lived at 112 Westbourne Street, Everton, Liverpool. Both John and Margaret died in 1899.

In 1901 all the unmarried children (Francis, Honoria and Catherine) were still living at 112 Westbourne Street.


            12     i   John Michael O'CONNOR

                    ii   Francis O'CONNOR, born 1877 Liverpool. He was a metal merchant's clerk (1901)

            13    iii   Honoria O'CONNOR

                   iv   Catherine O'CONNOR, born Sep Q 1882 (ref: West Derby 8b 304)


8. Clara BROWNBILL, born Sep Q 1847 (ref: Liverpool 20 418). She married Thomas CURRY, from Ireland, in June Q 1867 (ref: Liverpool 8b 432). He was a striker at the smithy (1871) and away as a fireman at sea (1881). In 1871 they were at 4 Court 1 Richmond Row, Islington, Liverpool and in 1881 the family was living at 108a Beatrice Street, Everton, Liverpool. In 1891 Clara was living with her mother Margaret in Leadenhall Street. She was a waistcoat maker (1881); vest maker (1891).


                  i    Walter CURRY, born 1868 (visiting grandparents William and Margaret LEE in 1881 census)

                 ii    Clara CURRY, born Dec Q 1869 (ref: Liverpool 8b 214)

                iii    John CURRY, born 1872 Liverpool

                iv   Thomas CURRY, born 1874, Liverpool, he was a paper-hanger (1891)

                 v    Letitia CURRY, born Sep Q 1875 (ref: West Derby 8b 440). In 1891 she was a general servant at the home of  Annie LOMAS at 75 Queens Road, Everton, Liverpool.

                vi    William CURRY, born 1882/6, Liverpool



9. William Edward McCAUSLAND, born 21 August 1866, Liverpool. He was a railway carter who married Winifred KELEGHAN (born 10 February 1868) at the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception, West Derby, on 16 February 1890. In 1901 they were living at 57 Fenton Street, Kirkdale, Liverpool. Winifred died in 1941; William died in 1949.


             13  i      William McCAUSLAND

                  ii     Mark McCAUSLAND , born Sep Q 1893 (ref: West Derby 8b 342). He married Catherine MURPHY in June Q 1916 (ref: West Derby 8b 1045)

                 iii    Alexander McCAUSLAND born Dec Q 1896 (ref: West Derby 8b 260)

                iv    Edward McCAUSLAND born 14 November 1898  in Liverpool; died in July 1987, aged 88, in Wigan.

                  v    Winifred Mary McCAUSLAND, born Sep Q 1900 (ref: West Derby 8b 372)


10.  Margaret BROWNBILL born 26 November 1872 at 145 Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham, baptised 2 November 1873 at St Anne's Roman Catholic Church, Alcester Street.  In 1891 she was living with her sister Maria in Milk Street - occupation given as screw bolt wormer. Married Henry John ELSE at Holy Trinity Church, Bordesley, Birmingham on 17 December 1892. He died on Christmas Eve 1914; she died in February 1947.

Holy Trinity Church, Bordesley, Birmingham


         14   i  Herbert Harry ELSE

         15  ii  Edward John ELSE

         16 iii  Annie Amelia ELSE

            iv Alfred ELSE, born 1 March 1899, Aston. Married Muriel L SHEPHERD in June Q 1931 (ref Birmingham S 6d 544). She died in Sep Q 1953, aged 53, in Birmingham (ref: Birmingham 9c 307); Alf died in Sep Q 1970, in Birmingham (ref: Birmingham 9c 909)

         17  v  John (Jack) ELSE

                 vi  Ellen/Nellie ELSE, (birth registered under both names - ref: June Q 1903, Aston 6d 232) baptised 1 April 1903 at Holy Trinity Church, Bordesley. She died within a few weeks (ref: June Q 1903, Aston 6d 161)

         18  vii  Ellen (Nellie) ELSE

         19 viii  Agnes ELSE  

              ix   Evelyn (Eva) ELSE, born in Dec Q 1909 Aston. She married Wilfred G TAYLOR in June Q 1936 (ref Birmingham 6d 917). No children.

         20  x    Eileen Margaret ELSE    

         21  xi   Kathleen ELSE


11. Maria BROWNBILL, born 10 September 1871, Birmingham (ref: 6d 95), baptised St Catherine's Roman Catholic Church on 22 October 1871, married Thomas NEW(E/R)Y, hawker, (son of William NEW(E/R)Y, hawker) on 12 June 1887 at Bishop Ryder Parish Church, Birmingham.

Bishop's Ryder Parish Church, Birmingham

In 1891 they were living at 9 Court 10 House, Milk Street, Birmingham. Thomas was listed as a marine store dealer. By 1901 they had moved to 6 Back 7 House Clyde Street, Aston and Thomas was a rag and bone collector.


           i    William NEWEY, born 1891/2, Birmingham

           ii   Ellen NEWEY, born 1893/4, Birmingham

          iii   John NEWEY, born 1898/9, Birmingham


12. John Michael O'CONNOR, born in June Q 1876 (ref: West Derby 8b 330)He was a cotton order clerk and salesman who married Catherine BRISLAU in Sep Q 1895 (ref: West Derby 8b 948). In 1901 they were living at 6 Belgrave Terrace, Everton, Liverpool.


              i   Mary Eileen O'CONNOR, born Dec Q 1899 (ref: West Derby 8b 948)         


13. Honoria O'CONNOR, born Dec Q 1879 (ref: West Derby 8b 325). She married Henry MURRAY in West Derby in June Q 1905 (ref: 8b 879).


             i   Honoria Mabel MURRAY, born 26 August 1915 (ref: Sep Q 1915, Birkenhead 8a  973); died (unmarried) aged 88 in April 2004 in Bolton.

           ii    Henry F G MURRAY, born March Q 1921 (ref: Birkenhead 8a 1019)



13. William McCAUSLAND, born Sep Q 1891 (ref: West Derby 8b 269). He married Mary Catherine HOWLEY (born 18 September 1893) at the Church of the Sacred Heart, Liverpool on 25 April 1915. 


          22   i    William Howley McCAUSLAND

               ii   Francis Howley (known as Frankie) McCAUSLAND, born 15 November 1919, Liverpool; died in March 1993, aged 73, in Liverpool.


14. Herbert Harry ELSE, MBE, born 24 May 1893 at Back 5 Camp Hill, Birmingham. He married Maggie PENDERED (born 23 March 1894, daughter of George PENDERED, gun-maker) on 9 June 1919 at Christ Church, Sparkbrook, Birmingham. They lived at 45 Bank Street, Kings Heath, Birmingham. Herbert worked for the Post Office - for which he was awarded the MBE. He died 6 March 1973; she died 6 months later on 20 September 1973. Both were cremated at Lodge Hill Cemetery, Birmingham.                 


       23    i   Sheila  ELSE

       24   ii   Vera ELSE

       25   iii   Brenda ELSE


15. Edward John ELSE, born 25 January 1895, at Back 5 Camp Hill, Birmingham. He married Gertrude May Millinda EDWARDS on 29 January 1929 at the Register Office, Birmingham. He died in April 1978; she died on 4 August 1993.


          i  Dorothy ELSE, buried 15 May 1933 at Yardley Cemetery, Birmingham

         ii  Audrey ELSE, buried 30 July 1938 at Yardley Cemetery, Birmingham

     26   iii  Edward John ELSE


16. Annie Amelia ELSE, baptised 27 January 1897, at Holy Trinity Church, Bordesley, when family living at 8 Court 7 House South Road, Birmingham. She married Alfred ASHINGTON, brass caster, son of Edward ASHINGTON (also a brass caster) on 3 March 1917 at Christ Church, Sparkbrook, Birmingham.


            i    Winifred A ASHINGTON, born June Q 1920 (ref: Birmingham 6d 897). She married Frederick B HILL in Sep Q 1940 (ref: Birmingham 6d 5)

            ii   Norman Alfred ASHINGTON, born 13 March 1929 (ref: June Q 1929,  Birmingham S 6d 109). He married:

                 (1) June M HOLLAND (ref: March Q 1952, Birmingham 9c 1148)They divorced and June remarried in Sep Q 1959 - husband Trevor C PERRY

                (2) (Kathleen) Rita FISHER, born 5 March 1930 (ref: Dec Q 1958, Sutton Coldfield 9c 1814)

Rita died in March 1995, aged 65; he died in January 2004, aged 74.

           iii  John K ASHINGTON, born June Q 1934 (ref: Birmingham 6d 597) He married Edna M ASHINGTON (or MILLER) Dec Q 1960 (ref: Birmingham 9c 594)


17. John (Jack) ELSE, born 1900. He was a burnisher. He married Mary Ellen WOODMAN, a servant, daughter of James Henry WOODMAN, a labourer from Down Thomas, Wembury. The wedding took place on 24 May 1926 at Christ Church, Sparkbrook, Birmingham.


              i    Dorothy P ELSE, born 3 August 1927, Birmingham

             ii   Margaret Ellen ELSE, born 3 August 1927, Birmingham. She married Arthur W MASON in Sep Q 1949 (ref. Birmingham 9c 502). She died on the Isle of Wight, aged 77, in January 2005.

        27  iii   Maurice John ELSE


18. Ellen (Nellie) ELSE, born on 15 June 1904, Birmingham. She married William Alfred DURBIN, born 21 June 1904, a bus conductor, son of William Henry DURBIN, a carpenter, on 31 August 1929 at Christ Church, Sparkbrook, Birmingham. Nellie died in Sep Q 1976 (ref: Birmingham 32 0686); Bill died in March Q 1983 (ref: Solihull S 34 0045)


              i   Jean DURBIN, married Raymond GARNER in September Q 1956 (ref. Birmingham 9c 1469)


19. Agnes ELSE, born 21 October 1906, baptised 7 November 1906 at Holy Trinity Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. She married Frederick G BUTLER in June Q 1935 (ref Birmingham 6d 775). Agnes died, aged 85, in Birmingham in June 1992


              i  Beryl BUTLER, born June Q 1937 (ref Birmingham 6d 555), married Anthony T HORTON in December Q 1959 (ref Birmingham 9c 161)

               ii   John BUTLER


20. Eileen Margaret ELSE, born 21 October 1912, married (Henry) Isaiah HARTLAND in December Q 1939 (ref Birmingham 6d 927). She died in August 1991.


              i   Joyce HARTLAND

        28  ii   Roy Isaiah HARTLAND


21. Kathleen ELSE, born 1 July 1915 (ref: Sep Q 1915, Aston 6d 628), married James Anthony KENNEDY in June Q 1947 (ref Birmingham 9c 1486). Kath died in May 1989 in Birmingham, aged 73.


               i   Margaret Anne KENNEDY, born Dec Q 1949 (ref: Birmingham 9c 779)

            ii   Anastasia Mary KENNEDY, born in March Q 1951 (ref: Birmingham 9c 667)

              iii   Anthony J KENNEDY, born June Q 1953 (ref: Birmingham 9c 645)

              iv   Susan C KENNEDY, born June Q 1956 (ref: Birmingham 9c 702) She married Alan MAY in June Q 1977 (ref: Birmingham 32 1305)



22. William Howley McCAUSLAND, born 7 May 1916, Liverpool. He married Margaret EDWARDSON.


        29  i    Maureen McCAUSLAND


23. Sheila ELSE, born 20 October 1925 in Kings Heath, Birmingham, married Donald CLEAVER, born 17 May 1919.


              i   Simon CLEAVER


24. Vera ELSE, born 25 November 1920 in Quinton, Birmingham, married Carden Wifred DEPPER (born 26 May 1919, Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire) on 6 May 1944. She died in 1990.


              i   Roger Carden DEPPER, born 10 February 1945, Kings Heath, Birmingham. Married Hillary Ann Kelsall CLARK.

             ii  Clive David DEPPER, born 21 December 1946, Kings Heath, Birmingham. Married Angela EASTON. 


25. Brenda ELSE, born 29 August 1930 in Kings Heath, Birmingham married Harry Victor LEASON (born 23 January 1926, died 2 September 1984, Kidderminster) in Dec Q 1953, Birmingham. She died in 2001.


             i   Moira LEASON, born 14 March 1958

            ii   Wendy Ruth LEASON, born 7 April 1961


26. Edward John ELSE, born 5 April 1938, married Valerie Irene GREEN, born 11 June 1942,  on 16 March 1963, Stratford Road Baptist Church, Birmingham. He is a retired sales manager in the packaging industry; she is a retired teacher and lecturer.


                      i     Stewart Mark ELSE, born 31 October 1966, Sorrento Maternity Hospital, Birmingham.

                      ii    Joanne Clare ELSE, born 6 January 1970, Sorrento Maternity Hospital, Birmingham


27. Maurice John ELSE, born 16 October 1930, Birmingham. He married Anne P OMAN in Dec Q 1950 (ref Birmingham 9c 1115). He died in May 2005, aged 74.


                      i     Kevin J ELSE, born March Q 1952, Birmingham


28. Roy Isaiah HARTLAND, born 1946. Married Janice M PHILLPOT in June Q 1970 (ref: Solihull 9c 2425).


                   i   Rebecca HARTLAND

                 ii   Christopher HARTLAND, born 26 February 1973; died June 1987.

                  iii   Victoria HARTLAND

                  iv   Alexander HARTLAND



29. Maureen McCAUSLAND, born 1955, Liverpool. She married Joseph Patrick McKENZIE (born 1952, Liverpool).


                i   Gemma Catherine McKENZIE, born 1981, Liverpool

               ii   Paul Joseph Kieran McKENZIE, born 1986, Liverpool






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