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1. Thomas EDWARDS, born c1775, married Sarah WALL on 23 December 1795 at Pirton, Worcestershire.


             2   i    Joseph EDWARDS

                 ii    Samuel EDWARDS, baptised 23 May 1799, Pirton



2. Joseph EDWARDS, born 1796, baptised 5 February 1797, Pirton. He married Sarah FOWLES, baptised May 30, 1802, Powick (daughter of Joseph FOWLES, labourer, and Mary). They married on 29 August 1822, at Powick. Between 1841 and 1861 they were living at Deadfields, Powick. They were living with son Joseph and his family in 1871. He was a labourer. Sarah died in 1884 and was buried at Powick on 3 February 1884, aged 82.


        3       i   Mary Anne EDWARDS

        4      ii   John EDWARDS

              iii   Elizabeth EDWARDS, baptised privately on 1 March 1827 at Powick. Buried 20 May 1833, aged 6, at St Peter's Church, Powick.

        5     iv   Thomas EDWARDS            

                v   Anne EDWARDS, baptised 27 May 1832 at Powick

               vi  William EDWARDS, baptised 18 March 1835 at Powick. He died 1 day later. Buried St Peter's Church, Powick 22 March 1835.

             vii  William EDWARDS

               viii  Sarah EDWARDS, baptised 26 January 1840 at Powick

         7     ix  Charles EDWARDS

         8     x   Joseph EDWARDS

         9    xi   Eliza EDWARDS



3. Mary Anne EDWARDS, baptised 18 July 1823 at Powick. She married James UNDERHILL, a labourer (son of William UNDERHILL, labourer) on 26 February 1850. In 1851 they were living with Mary Anne's father at Deadfields, Powick.


        10     i   William UNDERHILL

                ii   Anne UNDERHILL, baptised 4 July 1852, Powick

               iii   Elizabeth UNDERHILL, baptised 21 November 1854, Powick

        11    iv   Thomas UNDERHILL          

                v   Joseph UNDERHILL, baptised 9 June 1863, Powick

               vi   Mary Ann UNDERHILL, baptised 22 December 1867, Powick. In 1881 she was visiting her aunt and uncle, John and Ann LAURENCE at Woodsfield, Powick.


4. John EDWARDS, baptised 26 December 1824 at Powick. In 1841 he was employed as a servant at Bransford Court, Powick. He later became  a farm labourer. He married Helen (Ellen) UNDERHILL, born 1833 (daughter of William UNDERHILL, labourer) on 5 April 1852. In 1881 they were living at Old Hills, Powick. She died in 1909, aged 75, and was buried at Powick on 4 April 1909. He died at the Workhouse, Upton-on-Severn, aged 90, and was buried in Powick on 3 March 1915.


      12    i   Jane Elizabeth EDWARDS

             ii   Elizabeth EDWARDS, baptised 2 December 1855 at Powick

            iii   William EDWARDS, baptised 7 November 1858 at Powick

            iv   Aaron EDWARDS, baptised 6 July 1862 at Powick

           v   Joseph EDWARDS, baptised 2 April 1865 at Powick, a farm labourer

             vi   George Henry EDWARDS, baptised 25 October 1868 at Powick, a farm labourer

             vii   (John) Albert EDWARDS, baptised 8 October 1871 at Powick

            viii   Arthur EDWARDS, baptised 5 September 1875 at Powick. He died in 1877 and was buried on 31 July 1877 at Powick, aged 1 year 10 months.

             ix   Amy Eliza EDWARDS, baptised 7 October 1877 at Powick

             x    Ann EDWARDS, born 1879

            xi   Alice Martha EDWARDS, born 1881. She married Albert James HANDY, born 1877, a baker, of Pensax (son of James HANDY, labourer) on 24 August 1901.

Powick Parish Church


5. Thomas EDWARDS, baptised 4 March 1830 at Powick, married Jane UNDERHILL, born 1829 (daughter of Thomas UNDERHILL, labourer) on 30 October 1851 at Powick. He was an agricultural labourer. In early 1881 they were living at Quab Lane, Powick. Thomas died that same year and was buried at Powick on 25 May 1881. Jane EDWARDS later remarried - to William MORGAN, widower, born 1831, a shoemaker (son of John MORGAN, farmer) on 21 September 1891. In 1901 the widowed Jane MORGAN was staying with her daughter, Susan BRIDGES (see below).


              i   Elizabeth EDWARDS, baptised 5 January 1853 at Powick. She was buried at Powick on 9 January 1853, aged 2 days.

            ii William EDWARDS, baptised 2 April 1854 at Powick, an agricultural labourer

               iii  Louisa EDWARDS, baptised 7 October 1855 at Powick

              iv  Herbert EDWARDS, baptised 1 November 1857 at Powick, an agricultural labourer. He never married; he died in 1914 and was buried at Powick on 14 May 1914, aged 57 years.

               v   Mary Anne EDWARDS, baptised 5 August 1860 at Powick

        13  vi   Gertrude EDWARDS

             vii   Sarah Jane EDWARDS, baptised 25 August 1867 at Powick

       14  viii   Jessie EDWARDS

        15  ix   Susan EDWARDS


6. William EDWARDS, baptised 9 July 1837 at Powick. He was an agricultural labourer (cattle man - 1901) who married Mary Anne _______, a gloveress, born Bosbury. In 1861 they were living at Beauchamp Lane, Powick; in 1871 at 2 Link Cottages, Great Malvern. Mary Anne died in Dec Q 1875 (ref: Upton 6c 189). William remarried - to Elizabeth ______ , born 1857, in Gloucester in March Q 1878 (ref: 6a 365). In 1881 the family was living at The Birches, Cradley - they then moved to Droitwich Road, Hartlebury (1891) and Newland Road, Salwarpe (1901).


                i    Edith Annie EDWARDS, born Sep Q 1860, Leigh (ref: Martley 6c 273)

                ii   Amy EDWARDS, born Dec Q 1862, Powick (ref: Upton 6c 309). She was a waiter (1881)

              iii   George EDWARDS, born 1864, Powick. He became an agricultural labourer, still unmarried and living at home and working as a cattle man (1901).

                     Children of 2nd marriage:

                 i   Ellen EDWARDS, born 1878, Cradley or Malvern. The 1901 census notes that she was an 'imbecile from childhood'.

                ii   Charles EDWARDS, born 1880, Cradley or Malvern

               iii   Jane EDWARDS, born 1882, Droitwich

               iv   Ada EDWARDS, born 1884, Droitwich

                v   Sarah EDWARDS, born 1886, Hartlebury

               vi   Alice EDWARDS, born Sep Q 1888, Hartlebury (ref: Martley 6c 244)

               vii   (John) Herbert EDWARDS, born March Q 1893, Hartlebury (ref: Martley 6c 283)

               viii   Hilda EDWARDS, born 1898, Ombersley


7. Charles EDWARDS,  baptised 14 August 1842 at Powick, married:

     (1)  Hannah LISSIMAN in 1869 (ref June Q 1869, Upton 6c 405). She died in 1877, aged 35 (ref Sep Q 1877, Upton 6c 157)

     (2)  Mary BEARD (born Matching, Essex) in 1878 (ref Sep Q 1878 Upton 6c 400)

He was a nursery gardener. In 1881 they were living at Kings End Cottage, Powick. Charles died in 1911 and was buried on 20 September 1911 at Powick, aged 69 years.

                   Children of 1st marriage:

        16    i   Walter EDWARDS

                   Children of 2nd marriage:

               i   Kate EDWARDS, baptised 12 June 1879 at Powick


8. Joseph EDWARDS, baptised 2 February 1845 in Powick, married Louisa BENBOW in 1864 (ref Dec Q 1864, Upton 6c 497). He became a nursery gardener. in 1881 and 1891 they were living at Deadfields, Powick. He died at Deadfields, Bastonford, Powick in 1923 and was buried at Powick on 25 August 1923, aged 78. Louisa died at 218 Mary Street, Balsall Heath, in 1928 and was buried at Powick on 10 October 1928, aged 87.


            i  (Charles) William EDWARDS, baptised 23 December 1866, a nurseryman

     17   ii  Joseph EDWARDS

     18   iii   Philip EDWARDS

           iv  Alfred Thomas EDWARDS, baptised 8 August 1873. He died at Deadfields, Powick in 1947 and was buried  at Powick on 20 January 1947, aged 74.

              v   Albert John EDWARDS, baptised 4 December 1881 at Powick


9. Eliza EDWARDS, baptised 5 December 1847 at Powick. She was a gloveress who married William Henry BROOKS, aged 23, a labourer, on 4 July 1870. He was the stepson of William HOLLIDAY, labourer. In 1881 the family was living at Bastonford, Powick.


                i   Sarah A BROOKS, born 1872, Martin Hassington, Worcs.

               ii   Joseph BROOKS, born 1873, Powick

              iii   Charles BROOKS, born 1874/5, Powick

              iv   Ada M BROOKS, born 1878, Powick

              v    Elizabeth BROOKS, born 1880, Powick




10. William UNDERHILL, baptised 5 May 1851, Powick. He was an agricultural labourer. In 1881 the family was living at Pole Elm, Powick. Emily died before 1901 when William UNDERHILL is listed at 58 Nicholas Street, Mile End Old Town, London, a brewers carman, married to his second wife, Hannah.

He married:   (1) Emily ___________

                    (2) Hannah ___________ (born Shotley, Suffolk)

                   Children of 1st marriage:

                Alice UNDERHILL, born 1868, Powick

               ii   Mary UNDERHILL, born 1873, Powick

              iii   George UNDERHILL, born 1875, Powick

            iv   Susan UNDERHILL, born 1876, Powick (ref March Q 1876, Upton 6c 379)

             v   James UNDERHILL, born 1877, Powick

            vi   Fanny UNDERHILL, born 1878, Powick (ref Dec Q 1878, Upton 6c 346)


11. Thomas UNDERHILL, baptised 7 July 1861, Powick. He married Harriett GREGORY (daughter of Thomas GREGORY, farm house labourer). In 1901 the family was living at Kings Lane, Snitterfield, Warwickshire where he was a farm house carter.  


          Reginald J UNDERHILL, born 1893, Bishops Bromyard, Northamptonshire

             ii  Beatrice Mary UNDERHILL, born June Q 1894, Cradley, Worcestershire (ref: Bromyard 6a 470)

             iii   Lily Ellen E UNDERHILL, born 1896, Porters Mill, Worcestershire

            iv   Phyllis Bertha UNDERHILL, born June Q 1897 (ref: Alcester 6d 682a), Astwood Bank, Warwickshire

             v   Dorothy C UNDERHILL, born 1900, Snitterfield


12. Jane Elizabeth EDWARDS, baptised 3 April 1853 at Powick. She married William WHITE, born 1846, a labourer (son of James WHITE, labourer) on 22 July 1873. In 1901 the family lived at Quabb Lane, Powick, at which time William is listed as a waggoner on the farm.


               i  Susan WHITE, born June Q 1888, Powick (ref: Upton 6c 316)


13. Gertrude EDWARDS, baptised 5 February 1865 at Powick. She married, aged 19, on 22 December 1883 at Powick. Her husband was John LUTY, (born 7 June 1862, baptised 13 July 1862), a milk hawker, later moulder (son of Daniel LUTY, labourer and brickmaker). They met while working in Batley, Yorkshire where Gertrude was in service and John was living with his brother, Daniel.

John died at Somers Cottage, Alexandra Road, Malvern Link in 1933 and was buried at Powick on 8 April 1933, aged 70. In his career he was also a chimney sweep and attendant at Powick Lunatic Asylum. She died in 1939 at 32 Vauxhall Street, Worcester and was buried at Powick on 14 January 1939 aged 75.


               i  Percy Thomas LUTY, baptised 1 March 1885, Powick (ref: Upton 6c 331). He married in Solihull in June Q 1910 (ref: Solihull 6d 911)

        19  ii  Bernard Alfred LUTY

            iii Jessie Selina LUTY, baptised 2 September 1888, Powick (ref: Upton 6c 290). She married Herbert J LAMBERT in June Q 1915 (ref: Upton 6c 424).

           iv  Hilda Jane LUTY, baptised 4 May 1890, Powick (ref: Upton 6c 315).

           v   John Willie LUTY, baptised 6 December 1891, Powick (ref: Upton 6c 314).

            vi   Gertrude LUTY, baptised 5 November 1893, Powick (ref: Sep Q 1893, Upton 6c 303)

            vii   Cecil LUTY, baptised 6 October 1895, Powick (ref: Sep Q 1895, Upton 6c 296)

            viii  Dorothy Beryl LUTY, baptised 1 May 1898, Powick (ref: Upton 6c 303)

             ix  Annie Muriel LUTY, baptised 7 January 1900, Powick (ref: Dec Q 1899, Upton 6c 316)

       20  x   Edgar Clarence LUTY


14. Jessie EDWARDS, baptised 6 June 1869 at Powick. In 1891 she was a housemaid for the DAWSON family at The Laurels, Leigh Sinton Road, Malvern Link. She married, aged 22, on 24 August 1891. Her husband was William John IERSTON, aged 23, a signalman of St Mark's, Birmingham (son of Thomas IERSTON, tobacconist). By 1901 he had changed career direction and was a confectioner working for himself from home; the family was living at 191 Windmill Lane, Smethwick, Staffordshire.


               i  William Thomas IERSTON, born 1893, Birmingham

              ii  Lena Ellen IERSTON, born 1896, Birmingham

             iii  Maud IERSTON, born 1893, Stourbridge (adopted)


15. Susan EDWARDS, baptised 28 April 1872 at Powick. In 1891 she was a housemaid for the LAKIN family at Link End, Great Malvern. She married, aged 22, on 20 August 1894. Her husband was William Charles BRIDGES, born 1868, a gardener. In 1901 they were living at Quabb Lane, Powick.


            i  (William Thomas) Thornton BRIDGES, baptised 2 June 1895, Powick

              ii  (Edith) Olive BRIDGES, baptised 2 August 1896, Powick

             iii  Violet Elsie BRIDGES, baptised 4 June 1899, Powick


16. Walter EDWARDS, born 1871. He married Harriet Maria HAWKINS, born Kingston, Herts. in June quarter 1898 (ref: Berkhampstead 3a 1173). In 1901 he was the schoolmaster and she was the schoolmistress at Dennington, Suffolk.


               i  Lissa Ann  EDWARDS, born Dennington 1900


17. Joseph EDWARDS, a journeyman baker, baptised 13 December 1868 at Powick, married Edith May PRICE, born 14 July 1877, on 17 May 1896 at The Countess of Huntingdon's Chapel, Malvern. In 1900, when the family was in Birmingham, Joseph was employed as a groom (not domestic). In 1901 the family was lodging with the family of Eli Meek at 1 Fairlea Terrace, Newtown Road, Malvern. Edith died in 1952.


                i  Sidney Valentine EDWARDS, born 11 February 1900 at 32 Eton Road, Balsall Heath, Birmingham

         21    ii  Gertrude May Millinda EDWARDS

Edith married (2) Stephen Thomas COLEMAN, a journeyman house painter.

                   Children of Edith's 2nd marriage:

         22    i   Ivy Winifred COLEMAN

         23   ii   Edith Phyllis Jane COLEMAN

         24  iii   Arthur COLEMAN


18. Philip EDWARDS, baptised 6 August 1871, married Sarah ________, born 1873/4 Sedgeley, near Dudley. He was a cabman at a riding stables. In 1901 they lived at 10 Turner Street, Bordesley, Birmingham.


               i  Dorothy Rose EDWARDS, born Balsall Heath 1895/6



19. Bernard Alfred LUTY, born Sep Q 1886 (ref: Upton 6c 313). He married Annie MARTIN, born 1892.


                i    Alfred Antony LUTY, born 17 November 1920, married Freda GOLDING. He died, aged 74, in March 1995.

              ii    John Edgar LUTY, born 1922, married Dorothy Mary LEA

              iii    Cuthbert James LUTY, born 1923, married Carol HANNAH

       25   iv    Thomas Percy LUTY

              v    Olive LUTY, born 1930, married George PEARCE


20. Edgar Clarence LUTY, born 1901. He married Lillian M HYDE.


                i   Joyce LUTY

               ii   June LUTY

              iii   Hazel LUTY

              iv   Derrick Edgar LUTY, born 7 November 1936; died, aged 65, in June 2002.


21. Gertrude May Millinda EDWARDS, born 4 June 1903 at 1 Brompton Villas, Link Top, Great Malvern. She married Edward John ELSE, born 25 January 1895, on 29 January 1929 at the Register Office, Birmingham. He died in April 1978. She died on 4 August 1993.


          i  Dorothy ELSE, buried 15 May 1933 at Yardley Cemetery, Birmingham

           ii  Audrey ELSE, buried 30 July 1938 at Yardley Cemetery, Birmingham

   26     iii   Edward John ELSE


22. Ivy Winifred COLEMAN, born 5 January 1911 (ref: March Q 1911, Aston 6d 201), married John William (known as Jack) JAMES, born 7 April 1908, in Sep Q 1932 (ref: Birmingham S. 6d 749). She married in a joint wedding with her sister, Edith. Ivy and Jack lived at Weoley Castle. Jack died in Birmingham, aged 80, in April 1988; Ivy died in Birmingham in January 1989, aged 78.


      27  i    Pauline I JAMES

           ii    Patricia A JAMES, born Sep Q 1939 (ref: Birmingham 6d 759)

          iii    ________ JAMES


23. Edith Phyllis Jane COLEMAN, born 18 July 1912 at 2 Back 18 Arthur Street, Bordesley, Birmingham. She married Thomas William G PENZER, born 19 June 1908, in Sep Q 1932 (ref: Birmingham S. 6d 749). Thomas died in Birmingham, aged 78, in June 1986.


           i    Brian Thomas PENZER, born 23 July 1933 (ref: Sep Q 1933, Birmingham 6d 585). He died in Birmingham, in May 1996, aged 62.

             ii    Colin PENZER, born June Q 1936 (ref: Birmingham 6d 700)


24. Arthur COLEMAN, born 1 December 1914, baptised Christ Church, Sparkbrook, Birmingham on 23 December 1914. He married:

        (1) ______________

        (2) Doreen AUSTIN

                   Children of 2nd marriage:

               i   Karen COLEMAN, born Sep Q 1959 (ref: Birmingham 9c 562)

Arthur died in Birmingham, aged 63, in March Q 1978 (ref: Birmingham 32 1720)



25. Thomas Percy LUTY, born 1926, married Mary BLACKBURN.


               i   John LUTY


26. Edward John ELSE, born 5 April 1938, married Valerie Irene GREEN, born 11 June 1942,  on 16 March 1963, Stratford Road Baptist Church, Birmingham. He is a retired sales manager in the packaging industry; she is a retired teacher and lecturer.


                      i     Stewart Mark ELSE, born 31 October 1966, Sorrento Maternity Hospital, Birmingham.

                      ii    Joanne Clare ELSE, born 6 January 1970, Sorrento Maternity Hospital, Birmingham.


27. Pauline I JAMES, born June Q 1933 (ref: Birmingham 6d 584). She married John S GROUTAGE in Sep Q 1955 (ref: Birmingham 9c 708).


                        i    Peter J GROUTAGE, born March Q 1959 (ref: Meriden 9c 1419)

                   ii    Andrew J GROUTAGE, born June Q 1960 (ref: Meriden 9c 1325)








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