Detail from Nottingham Council House, sculpted by Joseph ELSE

Henry John ELSE

03.03.1866 - 24.12.1914




1. George ELSE, born around 1730, died 5 March 1787. Buried at St John's Church, Whitwick. He married Ann _________ .

St John's Church, Whitwick


             i  Thomas ELSE, baptised 25 December 1754 at St John's, Whitwick; buried 2 January 1758 at Breedon on the Hill.

               ii   Sarah ELSE, baptised 3 July 1757 St John's, Whitwick

         2.  iii   Thomas ELSE

         3.  iv   Joseph ELSE

         4.  v   John ELSE

             vi   Hannah ELSE, baptised October 1771, St John's Whitwick

         5. vii  George ELSE



2. Thomas ELSE, born 1759, married:

       (1) Hannah SMITH of Kilsworth Beauchamp on 4 September 1786 at St John's Church, Whitwick. She died in 1796 and was buried on 11 December 1796 at Whitwick.

       (2) Catherine CHEATTLE on 3 April 1796 at St John's Church, Whitwick.

He died on 12 June 1804. Catherine later remarried - to William COTTON, of Whitwick, on 17 October 1808 at Coleorton.

                  Children of 1st marriage:

             i   Mary ELSE, baptised 16 March 1788 at St John's Church, Whitwick

               ii   Hannah ELSE, baptised 20 June 1790 at Worthington

              iii  John ELSE, baptised 11 December 1796 at St John's Church, Whitwick

                  Children of 2nd marriage:

              i   Ann ELSE, baptised 17 July 1797 at St John's Church, Whitwick.

             ii   Ann ELSE, baptised 4 May 1800 at St John's Church, Whitwick.

            iii  John ELSE, baptised 21 September 1803 at St John's Church, Whitwick.

            iv  Thomas ELSE, baptised 10 February 1805 at St John's Church, Whitwick. He died on 25 December 1812. Buried Breedon-on-the-Hill.


3. Joseph ELSE, born 1762, a pot carrier, married Elizabeth POXON on 1 September 1790 at Breedon on the Hill.


          6    i   Thomas ELSE

          7   ii   John ELSE

          8  iii   Elizabeth ELSE

             iv   Ann ELSE, baptised 22 May 1803 at Coleorton. She married William WHYMAN on 11 February 1823 at Breedon on the Hill.

               v   Hannah ELSE, baptised 2 June 1805, Worthington

              vi   Sarah ELSE, baptised 9 July 1809 at Coleorton. She married William WOODS.

          9   vii  Joseph ELSE

             viii  Harriet ELSE, baptised 12 January 1817, Gelsmoor


4. John ELSE, baptised 23 January 1763 at St John's Church, Whitwick, married Sarah BONCER at Coleorton on 30 August 1784. Sarah, who had lived at Thringstone, was buried on 7 May 1835 at Whitwick, aged 75 years.


                 i    Mary ELSE, baptised 28 August 1784, Coleorton

                 ii   Hannah ELSE, baptised 24 December 1786, Coleorton

              iii  John ELSE, baptised 23 May 1790 at St John's Church, Whitwick. He was buried on 5 March 1797 at Breedon-on-the-Hill.

                iv   Sarah ELSE, baptised 30 December 1792, Coleorton

               v   Richard ELSE, baptised 24 September 1795 at St John's Church, Whitwick. He lived at Thringstone, and died in 1825, aged 30. He was buried at St John's Church, Whitwick on 3 October 1825.

               vi   Mary ELSE, baptised 7 August 1798 at St John's Church, Whitwick.

               vii   Ann ELSE, baptised 13 September 1801, Coleorton

              viii   Eliza ELSE, baptised 15 April 1804, Coleorton


5. George ELSE, baptised 15 October 1775 at St John's, Whitwick. He married Ann _______. George, who lived at Gelsmore, was buried on 15 December 1814 at Whitwick. His widow, Ann ELSE, later married Henry WRIGHT on 7 October 1826 at Whitwick.


        10   i  William ELSE

        11  ii  George ELSE

             iii  Ann ELSE, baptised 3 March 1805, Coleorton

            iv  Sarah Smith ELSE, baptised 19 April 1807 at Coleorton. She died in March 1809 and was buried at Coleorton on 26 March 1809.

             v  Sarah ELSE, baptised 3 March 1811 at Coleorton



6. Thomas ELSE, baptised 13 November 1793, Coleorton, was a pot carrier (hawker) and later in life an oil stove manufacturer. He married Elizabeth DAWKINS (born 29 June 1794) at St John's Church, Whitwick on 15 November 1811. 1841-1851 they lived at The Moor, Coleorton. In 1852 his occupation was 'traveller'. Thomas ELSE, who in 1861 lived in Swannington, and on his death lived on The Moor, was buried 17 November 1877. Elizabeth was buried on 19 October 1863 at Swannington.


            i   John ELSE, baptised 26 January 1811, Coleorton. He married Jane _________. In 1851 they lived at 57 Cannington Street, Derby when John was a journeyman wheelwright. By 1861 he had changed occupation, and was the publican at the Midland Arms, Litchurch. They stayed in Litchurch following John's retirement (42 Regent Street - 1871), then moved to 4 The Mount, Normanton (1881). They both died in 1888: John in the first quarter, aged 77 (ref: Shardlow 7b 306a), Jane in the second quarter, aged 76 (ref: Shardlow 7b 253).

              ii   Sarah Ann ELSE, born 4 August 1813, baptised 5 March 1815 at Coleorton

              iii   Elizabeth ELSE, born 3 February 1815, baptised 5 March 1815 at Coleorton. Died in infancy.

             iv   Harriet ELSE, baptised 12 January 1817 at Worthington

      12    v    Elizabeth ELSE

      13   vi   Thomas ELSE

      14  vii   Maria ELSE

      15  viii  Joseph ELSE

      16    ix  Ann ELSE

      17    x   William ELSE

      18   xi   Hannah ELSE


7. John ELSE, baptised 23 April 1797 at Worthington, married Mary JELLEY (daughter of John and Sarah JELLEY, nee WARDLE, born 1806 Coleorton) at Coleorton on 29 January 1827. In 1841 they were living at Gelsmoor, and John was a hawker. John died around 1850; in 1861 his widow Mary was living in Union Street, Basford, with her mother, Sarah JELLY, and her son, Frederick J ELSE.


       19  i   William ELSE

            ii   George ELSE, born 1830, Coleorton

            iii   Mary Ann ELSE, born 1833, Coleorton

            iv   Mary ELSE, born 1838/9

      20   v   Frederick James ELSE


8. Elizabeth ELSE, born 4 July 1800, baptised 14 September 1800 at Worthington. She married William CROSON, a stone cutter, on 9 April 1822 at Breedon on the Hill. in 1861 the family was living at Swannington Common.


            i    Jess(e) CROSON, born 1828, Thringstone. He was a stone cutter. He married Emma BROWN, born 1831, Birmingham in the June quarter of 1858 (re: Birmingham 6d 197). In 1861 they were living at Swannington Common. Emma died in 1885, aged 55 (re: Ashby de la Zouch 7a 67)

            ii     William CROSON, born 1832, Thringstone

           iii    Ann CROSON, born 1839, Thringstone. She was a wool knitter (1861)


9. Joseph ELSE, baptised 11 September 1814, Worthington. He married:

    (1)  Sarah CROSON

    (2)  Ann _________

                  Children of 2nd marriage:

             i   George ELSE, born 1849, Coleorton


10. William ELSE was baptised on 29 March, 1800 at Coleorton. He was an earthenware dealer (1841); later hawker. He married Mary MEE (born 1806/7, Coleorton). William died on 4 March 1871 in Winson Green Lunatic Asylum, Birmingham.


      21   i   George ELSE

      22  ii   John ELSE

           iii   Ellen ELSE, born in 1839, died of smallpox at 3 Court, Oxford Street, Birmingham on 4 December 1840, aged 1

           iv  Fanny ELSE, born 30 October 1841 at 3 Court, Oxford Street, Birmingham. She died in infancy (ref: June Q 1846, Birmingham 6d 187)

     23   v    Ellen ELSE

           vi   Charlotte Mee ELSE, born June Q 1851 (ref: Birmingham 16 353) She died in September Q 1851 (ref: Birmingham 16 275)


11. George ELSE, baptised 30 January 1803, Coleorton. He married ______. The National Archives holds his Attestation papers from 1822, when, aged 19, he joined the Royal Marines at Chatham. He was discharged in 1843 (ref: ADM 157/16/190). In 1861 he was a widower, living at 44 Chapel Lane, Lowestoft. His occupation was listed as Greenwich Pensioner.


             i   Ann ELSE, born Sep Q 1855, Southwold, Suffolk (ref: Blything 4a 589)

            ii   Thomas ELSE, born 1857/8, Yarmouth, Norfolk



12. Elizabeth ELSE, baptised 7 June 1818 at Worthington. She was a lace maker (1851) and dressmaker (1871/81). She married John PEBERDY on 5 November 1846 at Coalville. In 1871 she was living at 8 Wood Gate, Loughborough, with daughter Louisa. Both were described as unmarried.


        24   i   Samuel ELSE

            ii   Louisa PEBERDY, born 1849, Loughborough, milliner (1871)

           iii   Maria PEBERDY, born 1850


13. Thomas ELSE, born 1823, Coleorton. He was a whetstone manufacturer, later a coal miner in Hucknall Torkard. He married Catherine PLATTS (born 1825, Coleorton) on 28 October 1850 in Ashby-de-la-Zouch. Thomas died on 22 July 1887.


       25   i    James ELSE

       26  ii    William ELSE

       27  iii   Harriet ELSE


14. Maria ELSE, born 1827, Worthington. She was a dressmaker. She married:

     (1)  Joseph PLATTS

     (2)  Francis CRANE

Francis CRANE was a bricklayer, born Kegworth, Leicestershire. In 1881 they were living at 1 Upperdale Road, Normanton. By 1901 they had moved back to Leicestershire and were living at St George's Hill, Swannington.

                  Children of 1st marriage:

             i   Rose Anna PLATTS, baptised 1 December 1855, Whitwick


15. Joseph ELSE, baptised 3 December 1826 at St John's Church, Whitwick. He married Ann PLATTS (born 1826), a lace worker. He was a stone cutter. In 1851 they lived at The Moor, Coleorton and 1861 the family was living at Thringstone. In 1891 the widowed Joseph was living at Hinkley Turnpike, Thringstone with his son, Herbert.

Joseph died 25 July 1895 at Thringstone.


             i   Ellen ELSE, born 1846, Ashby de la Zouch. She was a lace worker (1861)

               ii   Mary Ann ELSE, born  June Q 1855, Thringstone (ref: Ashby de la Zouch 7a 106). She died, aged 19, in Dec Q 1874 (ref: Ashby de la Zouch 7a 76)

        28   iii   Lavinia ELSE

              iv   Herbert ELSE, born 1864, Thringstone. He was a coal miner, bricklayer's labourer and general labourer. In 1901 he was living at Swannington Common.


16. Ann ELSE born 21 December 1830 at Griffydam, Leicestershire. She was a lace worker who married Thomas Kerry DAVIS (born 13 December 1826 at North Eastwood) on 25 December 1853 at Greasley, Nottinghamshire. He was a coal miner; he died on 30 June 1884 at Hucknall Torkard, Nottinghamshire.

The Colliery, Hucknall Torkard

Ann emigrated to the USA and died on 11 October 1918 at Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.


             i   Elizabeth DAVIS, born 1867, Hucknall Torkard

            ii   Amelia DAVIS, born 1869, Hucknall Torkard

           iii   Elijah DAVIS, born March Q 1871, Hucknall Torkard (ref: Basford 7b 165)

           iv   Isabella DAVIS, born 1874, Hucknall Torkard


17. William ELSE, born 22 April 1832, baptised 15 March 1835 at Coleorton. He was a colliery labourer. He married Sarah COX (born 1839, Swannington)on 20 July  1856 at Ashby-de-la-Zouch. In 1901, the family was living at Linby Hall, Swannington, and William was listed as a self-employed  farmer. William died on 27 July 1905.


         29  i    William ELSE

       30  ii   Joseph ELSE

            iii   Jane ELSE born 1873, Swannington. Unmarried, at home (1901)

      31   iv   David ELSE

            v    George ELSE, born 1880, Swannington. He was a general carter (1901)


18. Hannah ELSE, baptised 15 March 1835 at Coleorton. She was a lace worker who married:

        (1)  Thomas MOULT, born 1 May 1831 at Greasley, baptised same day at Bilborough; married 16 August 1852 at Clay Cross, Derbyshire; a coal miner underviewer; died 24 November 1856 of a fractured spine caused by a coal fall

       (2) Frederick ORTON, born c1828; married 31 January 1879 at Swannington


         i   Solomon MOULT, born 14 December 1852 at Snibstone, Packington; baptised 2 January 1853 Coalville; died 19 April 1853

      32  ii    Elizabeth MOULT

           iii   (Thomas) Henry MOULT, born 1856 in Coleorton; baptised 13 December 1857, when his mother was widowed. He was a horse driver at the coal mine (1871).

          iv   Sarah Ann MOULT, baptised when aged 6 on 10 July 1870, illegitimate, mother widow. She was a seamer of stockings (1881).


19. William ELSE, baptised 11 July 1827 at Coleorton. He was a boot manufacturer, toll collector and baker. He married:

    (1) Fanny SHAW (born Codnor, Derbyshire, 1830) on 31 December 1850. She died in Sep Q 1865 (ref: Nottingham 7b 130)

    (2) Mary LYNN (born 1841) on 19 December 1866 in Nottingham

   (3) Eliza COWLISHAW (born 24 July 1842, Walesby, Notts.) on 13 June 1869 in Nottingham (ref: Nottingham 7b 281 - joint wedding with brother Frederick)

                 Children of 1st marriage:

      33    i   William ELSE

      34   ii  Frances Mary ELSE

            iii  James Albert ELSE, born 7 April 1854, Nottingham. Baptised 2 September, 1855 at Alfreton. He was a self-employed boot and shoe maker, living 84 Mansfield Road, Nottingham (1881, 1891); 158 Mansfield Road (1901).

            iv   John ELSE, born 6 August 1855, baptised 2 September 1855 at Alfreton.

            v   George ELSE, born 14 September 1857, Nottingham. Died 11 May 1860, Nottingham.

                 Children of 3rd marriage:

       35   i   George ELSE

             ii  Joseph ELSE, born 8 February 1874. Married Maria ELSE (see No 21 (2) i below). In 1901 he was living at 516 Kings Road, Chelsea - an art student. He died on 8 May, 1955.

Joseph ELSE sculpted the pediment for Nottingham Council House

                                   from: Who was Who 1951-60

ELSE, Joseph F.R.B.S., late Principal of the Nottingham City College of Art, Sculptor, Exhibitor at the Royal Academy. Born Nottingham, 8 February 1874, son of William ELSE. Married, one son, two daughters. Educated: City of Nottingham School, Royal College of Art SW7. Formerly Modelling Master and Lecturer on Anatomy at Belfast School of Art. (Died 8 May 1955)

One of the lions outside Nottingham Council House by Joseph ELSE

In 2006 the JD Wetherspoon pub in the centre of Nottingham, opposite the Council House, was named "The Joseph Else" in his honour.

            iii   Harry ELSE, born 1878, Nottingham


20. Frederick James ELSE, born 1842, Coleorton. He was a lacemaker, office keeper and county court bailiff (1881 - 1901). He married:

     (1)  Elizabeth HOPKINSON in Sep Q 1864 (ref: Nottingham 7b 333); she died 3 weeks after childbirth in 1868

   (2) Dorothy COWLISHAW on 13 June 1869 (ref: June Q 1869, Nottingham 7b 281 - joint wedding with his brother, William)

In 1871 they were living at 7 St James Street, Nottingham; in 1881 at 38 Leicester Street, Derby; in 1891 at 55 Parliament Street, Derby; in 1901 at 26 Fowler Street, Derby.

Dorothy ELSE died in Sep Q 1894, aged 63 (ref: Derby 7b 255); he died in March Q 1913, aged 71 (ref: Derby 7b 725)

                  Children of first marriage:

        36  i   John Frederick ELSE


21. George ELSE, born Leicestershire 1834, married Harriet Rebecca BRIGHTMAN (daughter of Henry BRIGHTMAN) at St James Church, Dudley on 14 March 1857. He was a master whitesmith and master fire iron polisher who died of blood poisoning following an accident at work in which a piece of metal went into his left hand. He died on 17 July 1867 at 2 Little Ann Street, Birmingham.


           i   Alfred ELSE, born on 29 June 1858 in Coventry Street, Birmingham; died of diarrhoea, aged 2 months, on 24 August 1858 in Coventry Street.

             ii   George ELSE, born in July 1859, died of convulsions, aged 2 weeks on 2 August 1859 at 5 Court, Floodgate Street, Birmingham.

             iii   Ellen ELSE, born 8 August 1860 at 5 Court, Floodgate Street, Birmingham.  She died as a baby (ref: Dec Q 1860, Birmingham 6d 45)

             iv   John ELSE, born 19 September 1861 at the Union Workhouse, Sedgley, Staffordshire.

          37  v   George Henry ELSE

        38  vi   Henry John ELSE

Following the death of her husband George, Harriet ELSE remarried on 22 August 1870 at St Andrew's Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. Her husband was Joseph SWATKINS, a butcher, born 1828, son of William SWATKINS, a gardener. In 1871 the family was living at 117 Floodgate Street, Birmingham.

Joseph died in June Q 1891 in Aston; Harriet died in Dec Q 1901, aged 62 (ref Aston 6d 195).                             

                  Children of Joseph's 1st marriage (to Elizabeth DOWNES, died 1869, aged 40 Ref: Mar Q 1869, Birmingham 6d 57):

        39    i  Henry SWATKINS

          40    ii  Elizabeth SWADKIN(S)

                  Children of Harriet's 2nd marriage:       

              i   Joseph SWATKINS, born June Q 1874 (ref Birmingham 6d 100. He was a tube drawer (1891).

        41   ii   Harriet SWA(T/D)KINS


22. John ELSE, born 1837 Leicestershire, baptised 28 February 1837 at St John's Church, Whitwick. In the Summer Assizes of 1855 he was convicted of violence and robbery, and sentenced to six years in prison. He later founded the firm of John ELSE and Son Ltd., with premises in Muntz Street, Birmingham and Ireton Road, Leicester. He married Emma _______. In 1871 they were living at 14 Montague Street, Birmingham, later at 5 Gladys Road, Hay Mills, Birmingham. John died on 18 May 1900, Emma died on 1 September 1901.


      42    i   John William ELSE     

      43   ii   Edwin Thomas ELSE

      44   iii   Harry Albert ELSE      

      45   iv   George ELSE      

      46    v   Samuel ELSE   


23.   Ellen ELSE, born 1845, Birmingham. In 1861 she was a house servant for the WHITMORE family at 79 Bull Street, Birmingham. She married John JOHNSON (born 1840, son of John JOHNSON, carpenter), a commercial traveller, on 2 March 1868 at St Andrew's Church, Bordesley, Birmingham.

                   Children (before wedlock):

           i   William George (known as George) ELSE, baptised 4 October 1862 at St Martin's Church, Birmingham (mother in Workhouse); died March Q 1863 (ref: Birmingham 6d 178).

          ii   William George (known as Henry) ELSE, born early 1865, (ref: June Q 1865, Birmingham 6d 221), baptised 2 June 1865 at St Martin's Church, Birmingham; died aged 9 months of congestion of the lungs on 5 December 1865 at the Workhouse, Dudley Road, Birmingham.



24. Samuel ELSE, born 26 October 1839, baptised 3 July 1846 at Coalville. He was a railway engine driver (1871), cow-keeper (1881) and butcher (1890s) in Coalville. In 1871 the family was living in St Margaret's, Leicester. By 1881 they had moved to Snibston.

He married:

     (1)  Harriet COLEMAN (born 1840, Newton Harcourt) in Dec Q 1861 (ref: Billesdon (Leics) 7a 104). She died, aged 34, in Sep Q 1874 (ref: Billesdon 7a 17)

    (2)  Maria MASSEY (born 1848, Coalville) on 13 January 1876 at St George's Church, Leicester. She died, aged 49, in the final quarter of 1897 (ref: Ashby de la Zouch 7a 66).

     (3)  Charlotte MASSEY (born 1855, Coalville, sister of Maria (above)) in March Q 1899 (ref: Ashby de la Zouch 7a 160)

Samuel died on 1 December 1900. In 1901 the widowed Charlotte was living at Ashby Road, Coalville (near to Else's Row, Ravenstone Turn, Coalville)

                  Children of 1st marriage:     

       47  i    Abigail ELSE

       48  ii   Ismena ELSE

                  Children of 2nd marriage:     

           i    Maria Elizabeth ELSE, born 1877, St George's, Leicester. She married Joseph ELSE (see No. 16 (3) i above)

           ii    Clarissa Mary ELSE, born 1878, St George's, Leicester. She married in June Q 1901 (ref: Leicester 7a 588)

           iii    Charlotte ELSE, born March Q 1879, Swannington (ref: Ashby de la Zouch  7a 118)

          iv    Samuel ELSE, born Sep Q 1880, Coalville (ref: Ashby de la Zouch  7a 104)

            v    Maud ELSE, born 1882, Coalville

            vi   Edith ELSE, born June Q 1885, Coalville (ref: Ashby de la Zouch 7a 109)

           vii   Beatrice ELSE, born June Q 1887, Coalville (ref: Ashby de la Zouch 7a 126)

          viii  Archibald ELSE, born Sep Q 1889 (ref: Ashby de la Zouch 7a 114). Died aged 2 in Dec Q 1891 (ref: Ashby de la Zouch 7a 72)


25. James ELSE, born 1860, Thringstone. He was a coal miner. He married Revinah PARKER, nee NEWELL, born 1855 in Shifnal (widow of Thomas Liddle PARKER, born 1842 Clay Cross or Newhall, a colliery under manager) in the June Q 1900 (ref: Burton-on-Trent 6b 663). Revinah died, aged 84, in March Q 1941 (ref: Bedwellty 11a 280).

                  Children of Revinah's 1st marriage:     

             i    Revinah Isabella PARKER, born 1887/8, Stafford. She married John H TURNER in 1916 (ref: Mar Q 1916 Bedwelty 11a 109)

              ii    Lillian PARKER, born 1892/3, Newhall, Derbyshire

              iii   Florence PARKER, born 1894/5, Newhall, Derbyshire

              iv   Susan PARKER, born 1894/5, Newhall, Derbyshire

              v    Maud PARKER, born 1896/7, Gresley


26. William ELSE, baptised 16 April 1853, Thringstone. He was a stoker at the colliery. He married Frances (Fanny) BROOKS (born 1853, Swannington) on 18 May 1872 at the Register Office, Ashby-de-la-Zouch. William died on 11 October 1892 at Hucknall Torkard; Fanny died on 13 December 1916, also at Hucknall.


        49  i    Sarah Jane ELSE

        50  ii   Harriet ELSE

        51  iii   William ELSE


27. Harriet ELSE, baptised 13 November 1858. She married Arthur WILLIAMSON, a coal miner hewer, on 24 August 1874 at Whitwick. In the 1891 and 1901 census they are listed at Belvoir Road, Hugglecote and Donington, Coalville.


             i    Robert WILLIAMSON, born 1875, an iron driller

            ii    Albert WILLIAMSON, born 1877, an iron driller


28. Lavinia ELSE, born 1860, Thringstone. She was a servant. In 1883 she married John ELVERSON, who worked below ground at the colliery. The family was living at Rotten Row, Coleorton in 1901.


       52   i    John William ELSE

             ii   Frederick ELVERSON, born 1885, Thringstone. He was a colliery labourer above ground.

           iii   Albert ELVERSON, born 1887, Thringstone. He married Lily POXON in 1907 (ref: Ashby de la Zouch 7a 259)

             iv   Joseph H ELVERSON, born 1892, Thringstone


29. William ELSE was born in 1859, Swannington. He married Sarah A WARD (born 1865, Coleorton). He was a colliery labourer.


             i    Ward W ELSE, born 1880, Whitwick

             ii   Mary ELSE, born 1881, Hucknall Torkard 


30. Joseph ELSE, born 1866, Swannington. He was a horse driver at the colliery, later coal miner hewer below. He married Mary J _______. In 1901 they were living at Sinope, Swannington.


             i    John ELSE, born 1890, Coleorton

             ii   George ELSE, born 1893, Coleorton

            iii   Mary ELSE, born 1896, Coleorton

            iv  Frederick Henry ELSE, born March Q 1899, Coleorton (ref: Ashby de la Zouch 7a 114)


31. David ELSE, born 1874, Swannington. He was a coal hewer. He married Cora SPRINGTHORPE in June Q 1895 (ref: Ashby de la Zouch 7a 231). In 1901 the family was living at Rotten Row, Coleorton. David died, aged 82, in June Q 1956 (ref: Coalville 3a 393)


              i   Mary ELSE

             ii  Sarah Elizabeth ELSE, born Sep Q 1895, Coleorton (ref: Ashby de la Zouch 7a 114)

            iii  John William (Bill) ELSE, born March Q 1897, Coleorton (ref: Ashby de la Zouch 7a 108)

            iv   David ELSE, born Sep Q 1898, Coleorton (ref: Ashby de la Zouch 7a 112)

             v   Joseph ELSE, born 1900, Thringstone

            vi   Dorothy (Dolly) ELSE

           vii   Florence ELSE

          viii   Alice ELSE

      53  ix   Arthur ELSE

            x   Charles ELSE

           xi   Richard (Dick) ELSE

          xii   Frank ELSE


32. Elizabeth MOULT, born 1854 in Coalville, baptised 14 June 1857 at Coleorton; married James HAMLINGTON, a miner, in June quarter 1873, Ashby de la Zouch (ref 7a 248). In 1881 they were living at Park Houses, Coleorton.


              i   John HAMLINGTON, born 1874/5 Coleorton

             ii   Frances HAMLINGTON, born 1876/7 Thringstone

           iii   Elizabeth Ann HAMLINGTON, born Worthington last quarter 1878 (ref Ashby de la Zouch 7a 108)

            iv   Rosanna HAMLINGTON, born Worthington, March quarter 1880 (ref Ashby de la Zouch 7a 102)

            v   James Henry HAMLINGTON, born Coleorton March quarter 1881 (ref Ashby de la Zouch 7a 113); died last quarter 1881 (ref Ashby de la Zouch 7a 65)


33. William ELSE, baptised 20 July 1851, Nottingham. He married Elizabeth BERESFORD (born 1849, daughter of Joseph and Sarah BERESFORD, nee HALL) on 6 April 1876 at Breedon on the Hill. He was an iron turner, later engine fitter. He died at 1 Delhi Cottages, Nottingham on 25 May 1926. She was a shirtmaker, and died in 1906.


      54    i   John Arthur Beresford ELSE  

            ii   William Rowland ELSE, born 13 October 1881 at Beaconsfield Terrace, Nottingham. He was an iron turner. He died on 10 August 1954 at Mapperley Hospital, Nottingham.

           iii   Wallace Beaumont ELSE, born 16 November 1884 at Church Terrace, St Saviour's Street, Nottingham. He was a lawyer's clerk, and married Frances ______. He died in September 1947 at the General Hospital, Nottingham; she died on 29 October 1947 at 1 Delhi Cottages, Ferry Street, Nottingham.


34. Frances Mary ELSE, born 2 October 1852, Nottingham. Baptised 2 September 1855, Alfreton. She married William Cressey WRIGHT, a stonemason, born 1850, Nottingham in the June Q 1878 (ref: Nottingham 7b 459). He died in June Q 1889 (ref: Nottingham 7b 161).

                   Children of William's 1st marriage:

             i     Eliza Harriet WRIGHT, born March Q 1872 (ref: Nottingham 7b 275)


              i    Frances S WRIGHT, born 1879

       55   ii    William Cressey WRIGHT

             iv    Mabel K WRIGHT, born 1883

              v    Edwin WRIGHT, born 1889

In 1881 the family was living at 2 West Court, Sherwood. In 1891 and 1901 the widowed Frances lived at St Cecilia's Terrace, Peas Hill Road, Nottingham.


35. George ELSE, born 31 January 1870. He was a bootmaker, leather and grindery dealer. Also licensed victualler of the Royal Children, Nottingham.

The Royal Children, Nottingham

He married Ada BROOK(E)S. in 1917 they were living at 17 Dale Street, Sneinton, Nottingham. He died in 1959.


             i   George W ELSE, born 1894. Died Ypres, 26 September 1917. (ELSE, G. W., Sergeant, 265996 Sherwood Foresters, "C" Coy 2nd/7th Btn, buried New Irish Farm Cemetery, St-Jean-les-Ypres, Belgium (ref XV C1))

     56   ii   Gertrude Florence ELSE

           iii   Ethel ELSE, born 1891, married William VICKERS.

     57  iv   John ELSE


36. John Frederick ELSE, born 1868, Egmonton, Notts. He was a blacksmith who served in the Royal Engineers (which took the family to Canada). He married Annie MORLEY (born Malden, Essex, 1865). In 1901 the family was living at 20 Victoria Road, Denton, Kent.


               i   Frederick H ELSE, born 1892, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

              ii   William J ELSE, born 1894, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

             iii   Arthur S ELSE, born 1898, Chelmsford, Essex

      58    iv   Ernest I ELSE


37. George Henry ELSE, born 15 March 1863 at Back 60 Coventry Street, Birmingham. Listed as stepson in 1871 census. He married Elizabeth EADES in Sep Q 1883 (ref: Birmingham 6d 86). George was a general (scrap) dealer. In 1901 the family was living at 9 House 3 Court Alford Street, Birmingham.


       59     i   George ELSE

       60    ii   Henry ELSE

              iii   Harriet ELSE, born 3 February 1888 at Bk 11 Lower Fazeley Street, Birmingham; baptised 15 February 1888 at St Gabriel's, Deritend

       61   iv   Charles ELSE

       62   v   Arthur ELSE

            vi   Joseph ELSE, born 9 July 1894, Trent Street, Birmingham (ref: Birmingham 6d 75); baptised 22 July 1894 at St Gabriel's, Deritend. He died, aged 64, in March Q 1959 (ref: Birmingham 9c 1001).

           vii  Sarah Elizabeth ELSE, born 10 July 1898, Trent Street, Birmingham; baptised 24 July 1898  at St Gabriel's, Deritend

            viii   Albert ELSE, born 1900

      63    ix   Ada ELSE


38. Henry John ELSE, born 3 March 1866 at 2 Little Ann Street, Birmingham. He married Margaret BROWNBILL on 18 December 1892 at Holy Trinity Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. He was a brass dresser (1892), gun worker (1901) blacksmith's striker (1914). He died on Christmas Eve, 1914 at 74 White Road, Birmingham, and was buried on 30 December 1914 at Yardley Cemetery, Birmingham. Margaret ELSE died on 12 February 1947 and was buried at Yardley Cemetery on 19 February 1947.

Harry, Alf and maybe Jack ELSE


       64   i   Herbert Harry ELSE

       65  ii   Edward John ELSE

       66  iii  Annie Amelia ELSE

          iv  Alfred ELSE, born 1 March 1899, Aston. Married Muriel L SHEPHERD in June Q 1931 (ref Birmingham S 6d 544). She died in Sep Q 1953, aged 53, in Birmingham (ref: Birmingham 9c 307); Alf died in Sep Q 1970, in Birmingham (ref: Birmingham 9c 909)

Uncle Alf (left), Auntie Annie (seated)

       67  v   John (Jack) ELSE

              vi   Ellen/Nellie ELSE, (birth registered under both names - ref: June Q 1903, Aston 6d 232) baptised 1 April 1903 at Holy Trinity Church, Bordesley. She died within a few weeks (ref: June Q 1903, Aston 6d 161)

      68  vii   Ellen (Nellie) ELSE

      69 viii   Agnes ELSE  

            ix   Evelyn (Eva) ELSE, born Dec Q 1909 Aston. She married Wilfred G TAYLOR in June Q 1936 (ref Birmingham 6d 917)

      70   x   Eileen Margaret ELSE     

      71  xi   Kathleen ELSE,


39. Henry SWATKINS, born 1853, a metal roller. He married Martha BRIN in June Q 1877 (ref: Birmingham 6d 44). She died in childbirth, aged 19, later that same year (ref: Dec Q 1877, Aston 6d 178). In 1881 Henry was living at 87 Floodgate Street, Birmingham - a widower.


             i    Henry SWATKINS, born 1877, died Dec Q 1877 (ref: Aston 6d 180)


40. Elizabeth SWADKIN(S), born 16 January 1863 at 35 Gibbs Street, Birmingham. She married John CONNINGTON (born 1861, son of Michael CONNINGTON, labourer) on 26 December 1882 at St Ann's Roman Catholic Church, Alcester Street, Aston. John was a brassfounder. She died in childbirth, aged 20, in Dec Q 1883 (ref: Aston 6d 155)


             i   John CONNINGTON, born Dec Q 1883 (ref: Aston 6d 253), died June Q 1884, aged 0 (ref: Birmingham 6d 55)


41. Harriet SWA(T/D)KINS, born June Q 1880 (ref Birmingham 6d 104). Her occupation was given as hair pin japaner in the 1901 census. She married:

           (1)  Joseph William FOUNTAIN (born 1879, son of James Fountain, fender polisher). Joseph was a brass caster; he died in March Q 1904 (ref: Aston 6d 212)

            (2)  William UNDERWOOD (ref: Dec Q 1908, Birmingham 6d 111)

Harriet died in Birmingham in 1923.

                  Children of 1st marriage:

             i    Ivy FOUNTAIN, born Mar Q 1902 (ref: Aston 6d 263)

             ii   Elsie FOUNTAIN, born Mar Q 1904 (ref: Aston 6d 426)

                  Children of 2nd marriage:

     72    i    Alice Evelyn UNDERWOOD

            ii    Annie UNDERWOOD, born 1912, Birmingham

           iii    William UNDERWOOD, born 1914, Birmingham


42. John William ELSE, born 14 April 1864, baptised 21 May 1864 at St Bartholomew's Church, Birmingham, lived at "Oakhurst", Oxford Road, Acocks Green, Birmingham. He took over the family firm of John ELSE & Son Ltd.. He married Florence HATTON in June Q 1888 (ref Birmingham 6d 296). He died on 18 April 1930; she died on 9 October 1941.


              i   Florence Edith ELSE, born June Q 1890, Aston. She married ______ BAYLISS in June Q 1915 (ref: Aston 6d 788).

       73  ii   John William Henry ELSE

            iii   Gladys May ELSE, born March Q 1899, Aston

            iv   Dorothy (Dolly) ELSE, born June Q 1895, Aston

            v   Albert Edward ELSE, born Dec Q 1896, Aston, died 14 October 1918, aged 21. (ELSE, Pte A E, M/315985 R.A.S.C., attached to 251st Siege Battery, Ammunition Column, Royal Garrison Artillery. Fell in action at Poperinghe, near Ypres). Buried at Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, Poperinghe, Belgium.


43. Edwin Thomas ELSE, born March Q 1868, Aston, married Phyllis BRAGG in Dec Q 1889 (ref Birmingham 6d 47). He was a cycle worker, she was a brass worker. In 1901 they lived at 6 Court, 8 House, Leopold Street, Aston. Phyllis died in March Q 1911, aged 43 (ref Aston 6d 139).


        74   i   Phyllis ELSE 

             ii   Edwin Thomas ELSE, born Dec Q 1894 (Aston 6d 270), died Dec Q 1894 (Aston 6d 160)  

       75  iii   Edwin Thomas ELSE


44. Harry Albert ELSE, born Dec Q 1873, Aston, married Mary TAYLOR in Dec Q 1900 (ref King's Norton 6c 789). In 1901 they were living at 40 Alfred Street, Balsall Heath, Birmingham. He was a cycle trade hand.


        76   i  Albert Robert ELSE

              ii  Ada ELSE

             iii  George ELSE

             iv  Joseph ELSE


45. George ELSE, born June Q 1876, Aston, married Eliza LEAVESLEY (daughter of Alfred LEAVESLEY, a pearl worker) at St Oswald's Church, Birmingham on 12 August 1900. He died, aged 33, in the last quarter of 1909 (ref: Aston 6d 132); she died in Birmingham, aged 79, in Sep Q 1957 (ref: Birmingham 9c 206).



46. Samuel ELSE, born 1866, who went to sea as a young man, became a labourer, later a machine fitter working for himself (1901). He married Sarah CARTER in Sep Q 1893 (ref Birmingham 6d 148).  In 1901 they lived at No 1, Back of 12 Sheepcote Lane. In 1911 they were at 14 Sheepcote Lane. Samuel died, aged 83, in Birmingham in Mar Q 1950 (ref: Birmingham 9c 217); Sarah died, aged 69, in June Q 1939 (ref: Birmingham 6d 72).


             i     Hilda ELSE, born 1900/01  

       77  ii    Samuel John ELSE

            iii   Lavinia ELSE, born 28 June 1901, baptised 8 July 1901 at St Paul's Church, Hockley, Birmingham

            iv   Nellie Rosa ELSE, born 10 September 1905, baptised 27 September 1905 at St Paul's Church, Hockley, Birmingham

             v   George ELSE

       78  vi   Harold Phillip ELSE



47. Abigail ELSE, born June 1862, Coalville. She was a dress and mantle maker, later a shopkeeper. She married Henry James MITCHELL, a postal telegraph clerk, in Leicester in 1882. In 1891 they lived at 64 Darley Street, Leicester. In 1901 they were at 4 St Paul's Road, Leicester


             i    Arthur Henry James MITCHELL, born June Q 1883, Leicester (ref: 7a 238). He was an invoice clerk. He married in June Q 1907 (ref Leicester 7a 509)


48. Ismena ELSE, born June Q 1864, Coalville (ref: Leicester 7a 190) In 1891 she was living at 63/2 Jarrom Street, Leicester. She was a fancy hosiery worker. She married Alfred SMITH, a painter and paper hanger, in June Q 1893 (ref: Leicester 7a 450). In 1901 the family was living at 10 Oxenden Street, Leicester.


              i   Elsie SMITH, born 1893, Leicester

             ii   Eva SMITH, born 1895, Leicester

            iii   Alfred SMITH, born 1897, Leicester

            iv   Albert E SMITH, born 1901, Leicester


49. Sarah Jane ELSE, baptised 23 July 1876, Swannington. She married John PEAKS, a railway locomotive stoker, born 1876. In 1901 the family was living at 24 West Terrace, Hucknall Torkard with Sarah's widowed mother, Fanny ELSE. Sarah Jane died in Nottingham on 22 December 1936.


             i    Gladys Evelyn PEAKS, born 1899, died 1905


50.  Harriet ELSE, born 1879, Swannington. She married Edward GINNIVER on 11 September 1897 at St Mary's Church, Hucknall. in 1901 the family was living next door to sister Sarah Jane (above) at 22 West Terrace, Hucknall Torkard. Harriet died in 1945.

St Mary Magdalene's Church, Hucknall Torkard


             i    Elsie May GINNIVER, born final quarter 1897, Hucknall Torkard (ref: Basford 7b 258)

             ii   William Oliver GINNIVER, born March Q 1899, Hucknall Torkard (ref: Basford 7b 237)


51. William ELSE, baptised 14 May 1886, Hucknall. He was a baker, and in 1920 was the Bakery Manager for the Co-op in Grantham. He married Edith VINTERS (born 19 October 1899, died 2 July 1987) on 12 February 1921 in Grantham, Lincolnshire. He died on 21 April 1951 in Grantham.


             i    Joan ELSE, born 24 April 1922, Grantham

             ii   Violet ELSE, born 6 February 1928, Grantham


52. John William ELSE (born June Q 1881, ref: Ashby-de-la-Zouch 7a 113), a colliery labourer below ground (1901). In 1902, he married Sarah Jane WILSON (ref: March Q 1902, Ashby 7a 153).


             i    John William ELSE, born 1906, Ashby de la Zouch. He married:

                  (1) Eva READ, born 1906

                  (2) _________


53. Arthur ELSE, married Marguerite EMMERSON of Belton, Leicestershire.


         79   i  David ELSE

         80  ii  Dennis ELSE

         81 iii  Sylvia ELSE


54. John Arthur Beresford ELSE, baptised 10 November 1876, Newbold, Worthington. He married Elizabeth Kate YOUNG (baptised 14 February 1882, daughter of David and Elizabeth YOUNG, nee MOYLE) on 4 February 1912 at Awbridge, Hampshire. He was an engineering draughtsman, actively involved in the trade union movement as The Branch Secretary of the Association of Engineering &  Shipbuilding Draughtsmen in Smethwick; and he was actively involved with the working rights of the members. He went to the International Labour  Organisation's  Conference in Geneva in 1936 and there is  a photo of him with the delegates outside the League of Nations:

John Arthur Beresford ELSE, front row, third from the right

John died on 19 January 1947 in Smethwick; Elizabeth, who was a visiting nurse (until marriage), died on 14 February 1956 at Sherwood Hospital, Nottingham.


       82    i   Harvey John ELSE 


55. William Cressey WRIGHT, born Dec Q 1880 (ref: Nottingham 7b 267). He married in Sep Q 1902 (ref: Nottingham 7b 640).


             i    William Cressey WRIGHT, born 24 January 1908 (ref: March Q 1908, Nottingham 7b 416). He died in January 1993, aged 85, in Nottingham.


56. Gertrude Florence ELSE, born 1896, Nottingham. She married Thomas Henry (Tom) SOAR, born 1901, an engineer. He died in 1969; she died in 1988.


            i   Thomas Eric SOAR, born 1921, Nottingham. Died Grantham 2007.

              ii   Frederick John SOAR, born 1922, Nottingham

             iii   Peter Henry SOAR, born 26 June 1925, Nottingham. Died June 2001, Nottingham, aged 76

       83   iv   George William SOAR


57. John ELSE, born 1906, at the Royal Children Public House, Nottingham. Married:

     (1)  ___________

     (2)  Pauline HALEY

John died in 1989.

                  Children of 2nd marriage:    

              i   Darren George ELSE, born 1956, Long Eaton     

       84   ii   Michael John ELSE


58. Ernest John ELSE, born 1899, Chelmsford, Essex. He married Mabel Florence CHEESEMAN, born 1899.


             i    Charles John ELSE, born 1929, Mereworth, Kent.


59. George ELSE, born 28 September 1883 (ref: Aston 6d 249); baptised 10 October 1883 at St Gabriel's, Deritend. Married May Florence GRIFFITHS (born Islington 1889) in March Q 1914 (ref: Aston 6d 595). He was a fruit seller in Birmingham's Bull Ring market; he died in 1952 and is buried at Yardley Cemetery; she died of an ectopic pregnancy, aged 36 in 1926.


       85   i   Olive May ELSE


60. Henry ELSE, born 18 January 1886 at 1 Court 3 House Milk Street, Birmingham; baptised 4 February 1886 at St Gabriel's, Deritend. He was a bedstead worker (1901). He married Violet SHENSTONE on 23 March 1913 (ref: Aston 6d 599) at St Gabriel's Parish Church, Birmingham. Harry died in June Q 1938, aged 54 (ref: Birmingham 6d 56); Violet died in June Q 1960, aged 65 (ref: Birmingham 9c 594).



61. Charles ELSE, born July 3 1889 (ref: Birmingham 6d 95) at Fazeley Street, Birmingham; baptised 17 July 1889 at St Gabriel's, Deritend. He married Nellie McNEIL on 20 February 1911 at St Gabriels Church, Birmingham (ref: March Q 1911, Birmingham 6d 57). They lived in Floodgate Street, Digbeth. Charles, brown haired and blue eyed, fought in the army in World War 1 and was twice wounded - a bullet in his hand and shrapnel in his leg. He died, aged 28, in Dec Q 1918 (ref: Birmingham 6d 524).


             i   Charles P ELSE, born June Q 1911 (ref: Birmingham 6d 50); died, aged 1, in March Q 1913 (ref: Birmingham 6d 360)

             ii    Violet E ELSE, born March Q 1913 (ref: Aston 6d 905). She died on 10 January 1915.

            iii    Ada ELSE, born 8 August 1914 (ref: Sep Q 1914, Aston 6d 966); baptised 16 December 1921 at St Anne's Roman Catholic Church, Alcester Street, Birmingham.


62. Arthur ELSE, born 5 January 1892 (ref: Birmingham 6d 95), Trent Street, Birmingham; baptised 20 January 1892 at St Gabriel's, Deritend. He married Ellen CORBETT (born 16 February 1894) in June Q 1912 (ref: Birmingham 6d 255). Arthur died in Sep Q 1935, aged 43 (ref: Birmingham 6d 491); Ellen died in March Q 1971, aged 77 (ref: Birmingham 9c 1900).


              i   Thomas ELSE, born Sep Q 1912 (ref: Birmingham 6d 154)

       86   ii  George Edward ELSE

            iii   Elizabeth Julia ELSE, born 10 September 1915 (ref: Birmingham 6d 508); baptised 23 September 1915 at St Anne's Roman Catholic Church, Alcester Street, Birmingham

          iv   Joseph ELSE, born 29 October 1917 (ref: Aston 6d 657); baptised 15 November 1917 at St Anne's Roman Catholic Church, Alcester Street, Birmingham. Confirmed 1930.

            v    Ada Lillian ELSE, born 13 March 1920 (ref: Birmingham 6d 845; baptised 25 March 1920 at St Anne's Roman Catholic Church, Alcester Street, Birmingham.

            vi   Charles H ELSE, born June Q 1921 (ref: Birmingham 6d 469)

      87  vii   Alfred John ELSE 

          viii   Leah Lilian ELSE, born 24 July 1925; baptised 1 September 1925 at St Anne's Roman Catholic Church, Alcester Street, Birmingham.


63. Ada ELSE, born 26/28 June 1901.


Ada ELSE, with mother Elizabeth ELSE (nee EADES)

She married Harold BURNS in Sep Q 1922 (ref: Birmingham 6d 593). They lived in Acocks Green, Birmingham. Ada ELSE died on 25 December 1976 after being knocked down coming home from a Christmas Eve drink with her son, Harry. Both Ada and Harold are buried at Yardley Cemetery, Birmingham.


            i   Harry BURNS, married Irene ______. Lived Sheldon, Birmingham

           ii   Bobby BURNS, married Irene _______. Died after being knocked down in a road accident, 1960s. Buried Yardley Cemetery, Birmingham.

          iii  Raymond BURNS, married Pat _____. Lived in Severn Road, Acocks Green, Birmingham. Both died around 2002.

      88  iv  Elizabeth BURNS


64. Herbert Harry ELSE, MBE, born 24 May 1893 at Back 5 Camp Hill, Birmingham; baptised July 1906 at St Anne's Roman Catholic Church, Alcester Street. He married Maggie PENDERED (born 23 March 1894, daughter of George PENDERED, gun-maker) on 9 June 1919 at Christ Church, Sparkbrook, Birmingham. They lived at 45 Bank Street, Kings Heath, Birmingham. Herbert worked for the Post Office - for which he was awarded the MBE. He died 6 March 1973; she died 6 months later on 20 September 1973. Both were cremated at Lodge Hill Cemetery, Birmingham.

Harry ELSE who rose to Sergeant in the Royal Field Artillery


       89   i   Sheila  ELSE

       90   ii   Vera ELSE

       91   iii   Brenda ELSE


65. Edward John ELSE, born 25 January 1895, at Back 5 Camp Hill, Birmingham. He married Gertrude May Millinda EDWARDS on 29 January 1929 at the Register Office, Birmingham. He died in April 1978.


          i  Dorothy ELSE, buried 15 May 1933 at Yardley Cemetery, Birmingham

         ii  Audrey ELSE, buried 30 July 1938 at Yardley Cemetery, Birmingham

     92  iii  Edward John ELSE


66. Annie Amelia ELSE, baptised 27 January 1897, at Holy Trinity Church, Bordesley, when family living at 8 Court 7 House South Road, Birmingham. She married Alfred ASHINGTON, brass caster, son of Edward ASHINGTON (also a brass caster) on 3 March 1917 at Christ Church, Sparkbrook, Birmingham.


            i    Winifred A ASHINGTON, born June Q 1920 (ref: Birmingham 6d 897). She married Frederick B HILL in Sep Q 1940 (ref: Birmingham 6d 5)

            ii   Norman Alfred ASHINGTON, born 13 March 1929 (ref: June Q 1929,  Birmingham S 6d 109). He married:

                 (1) June M HOLLAND (ref: March Q 1952, Birmingham 9c 1148)They divorced and June remarried in Sep Q 1959 - husband Trevor C PERRY

                (2) (Kathleen) Rita FISHER, born 5 March 1930 (ref: Dec Q 1958, Sutton Coldfield 9c 1814)

Rita died in March 1995, aged 65; he died in January 2004, aged 74.

           iii  John K ASHINGTON, born June Q 1934 (ref: Birmingham 6d 597) He married Edna M ASHINGTON (or MILLER) Dec Q 1960 (ref: Birmingham 9c 594)


67. John (Jack) ELSE, born 1900. He was a burnisher. He married Mary Ellen WOODMAN, a servant, daughter of James Henry WOODMAN, a labourer from Down Thomas, Wembury. The wedding took place on 24 May 1926 at Christ Church, Sparkbrook, Birmingham.


              i    Dorothy P ELSE, born 3 August 1927, Birmingham

             ii   Margaret Ellen ELSE, born 3 August 1927, Birmingham. She married Arthur W MASON in Sep Q 1949 (ref. Birmingham 9c 502). She died on the Isle of Wight, aged 77, in January 2005.

        93  iii   Maurice John ELSE


68. Ellen (Nellie) ELSE, born on 15 June 1904, Birmingham. She married William Alfred DURBIN, born 21 June 1904, a bus conductor, son of William Henry DURBIN, a carpenter, on 31 August 1929 at Christ Church, Sparkbrook, Birmingham. Nellie died in Sep Q 1976 (ref: Birmingham 32 0686); Bill died in March Q 1983 (ref: Solihull S 34 0045)


              i   Jean DURBIN, married Raymond GARNER in September Q 1956 (ref. Birmingham 9c 1469)


69. Agnes ELSE, born 21 October 1906, baptised 7 November 1906 at Holy Trinity Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. She married Frederick G BUTLER in June Q 1935 (ref Birmingham 6d 775). Agnes died, aged 85, in Birmingham in June 1992


              i  Beryl BUTLER, born June Q 1937 (ref Birmingham 6d 555), married Anthony T HORTON in December Q 1959 (ref Birmingham 9c 161)

               ii   John BUTLER


70. Eileen Margaret ELSE, born 21 October 1912, married (Henry) Isaiah HARTLAND in December Q 1939 (ref Birmingham 6d 927). She died in August 1991.

Wedding of Eileen ELSE and Henry Isaiah HARTLAND


              i   Joyce HARTLAND

        94  ii   Roy Isaiah HARTLAND


71. Kathleen ELSE, born 1 July 1915 (ref: Sep Q 1915, Aston 6d 628), married James Anthony KENNEDY in June Q 1947 (ref Birmingham 9c 1486). Kath died in May 1989 in Birmingham, aged 73.


               i   Margaret Anne KENNEDY, born Dec Q 1949 (ref: Birmingham 9c 779)

            ii   Anastasia Mary KENNEDY, born in March Q 1951 (ref: Birmingham 9c 667)

              iii   Anthony J KENNEDY, born June Q 1953 (ref: Birmingham 9c 645)

              iv   Susan C KENNEDY, born June Q 1956 (ref: Birmingham 9c 702) She married Alan MAY in June Q 1977 (ref: Birmingham 32 1305)


72. Alice Evelyn UNDERWOOD, born 3 March 1909, Birmingham. She married William Ernest George (Bill) GREEN (born 12 March 1903, 4 House Court 5 Pickford Street, Birmingham) at Digbeth Institute Sunday Schools, Birmingham on 21 September 1929. She was a factory worker who died in 1995 at 104 Mapleton Road, Hall Green, Birmingham. Bill died in 1973.


      95    i  Joyce Evelyn GREEN

             ii  Doreen GREEN, born 1936, Birmingham. Married Leslie HARPER.


73. John William Henry ELSE, born June Q 1893, Aston, became managing director of the family business, John ELSE & Son Ltd.. He married Annette Louise HAND, born 1904. He died on 20 September 1952 (ref: Birmingham 9c 390); she died on 30 July 1959 (ref: Birmingham 9c 294).


       i   Annette Mary ELSE, born 3 January 1931, a chartered physiotherapist.

       96  ii   John William ELSE


74. Phyllis ELSE, born 1892, Birmingham. She married Daniel G YORKE in March Q 1914 (ref: Birmingham 6d 215).


               i    Irene P YORKE, born Sep Q 1914 (ref: Kings Norton 6d 178)

              ii    Daniel George YORKE, born 22 November 1915 (ref: Dec Q 1915, Kings Norton 6d 157); died aged 74 in Malvern in May 1990

             iii    Richard YORKE, born June Q 1920 (ref: Kings Norton 6d 185)


75. Edwin Thomas ELSE, born Sep Q 1897, (ref Aston 6d 228). He married Sarah TURNER in Dec Q 1917 (ref Kings Norton 6d 266).


              i   Edwin Thomas ELSE, born 1918; died, aged 31, in June Q 1949 (ref: Birmingham 9c 245)


76. Albert Robert ELSE, born 19 April 1900, married Ada J G PALMER (born 20 January 1900) in 1917. He was a hawker (barrow boy). He died on 29 April 1960 (ref: Birmingham 9c 143); she died on 4 June 1944. They are buried at Yardley Cemetery, Birmingham.


      97   i   Albert ELSE

            ii   Rose L ELSE, born 1919

      98  iii   John ELSE

           iv   Harry ELSE

      99  v   Charles ELSE

         vi   Arthur ELSE, born 26 December 1925; married ______ DUDFIELD (ref Birmingham, June Q 1946); died 11 March 1998. Buried at Yardley Cemetery, Birmingham.

          vii   George ELSE, born Sep Q 1934, Birmingham

          viii   Florrie ELSE, born March Q 1927, Birmingham

            ix  Ada ELSE, born March Q 1932, Birmingham

             x  Lily ELSE

               xi  Jane ELSE, born December Q 1929, Birmingham

     100  xii Joseph ELSE


77. Samuel John ELSE, born 2 April 1899, married Esther COPE, born 17 May 1898, at St Mary's Church, Aston on 3 October 1925. He was a warehouseman. Samuel died in Dec Q 1963 (ref: Birmingham 9c 230); Esther died in October 1985, aged 87.


                i    Henry ELSE, born June Q 1937 (ref Birmingham  6d 122); died June Q 1937 (ref: Birmingham 6d 33)

      101  ii    Eric John ELSE

            iii   Bryan Phillip ELSE, born 26 July 1938, a managing director. He died in April 2004.


78. Harold Phillip ELSE, married Florence TAYLOR in Sep Q 1939 (ref: Birmingham 6d 149). Buried Alrewas Parish Church, Staffordshire.


             i    Sylvia J ELSE, born Sep Q 1942 (ref: Birmingham 6d 64)



79. David ELSE of Newbold, Coleorton. Married Pam ______.


       102    i   Andrew David ELSE


80. Dennis ELSE of Peggs Green, Coleorton. Married Shirley __________.


         103   i   Garry ELSE

         104  ii   Paul ELSE


81. Sylvia ELSE of Thringstone, married Tim HALL.


       105   i   Simon John HALL

       106  ii   Nicola HALL


82. Harvey John ELSE, born 8 February 1915 at Holt, Wiltshire. He became a police sergeant (1945-67). He married Ivy COLLINS (born 4 February 1915, 81 Potters Hill, Aston, Birmingham) on 9 September 1939 at St James Church, Aston. At that time she was secretarial assistant to W J George, Great Charles Street, Birmingham. Harvey died on 2 November 1981 at City Hospital, Nottingham.


Harvey John ELSE, aged 23, and in later life


     107     i   Rodney Stewart ELSE  

     108    ii   Vivien Lesley ELSE


83. George William SOAR, born 24 June 1928, Notts. He was an engineer who married Georgina COTTON in Bulwell on 24 December 1949.


      109    i   David George SOAR


84. Michael John ELSE, born 2 June 1954, Long Eaton. Married:

      (1) ____________

      (2) Jane Mary LEATHERLAND

                  Children of 2nd marriage:         

             i   Joanne Lindsay ELSE, born 12 April 1985

            ii   Christopher Michael ELSE, born 23 September 1987

           iii   David John ELSE, born 27 December 1990


85. Olive May ELSE, born 8 January 1916; baptised 10 February 1916 at St Anne's Roman Catholic Church, Alcester Street, Birmingham. She married Thomas DOONER, from Dublin, in May 1942 (ref: June Q 1942, Birmingham 6d 1010). Olive died, aged 42, in June 1961, and is buried at Oxford Road Cemetery, Handsworth; Thomas died in Redditch, aged 68, in 1984.


            i    Christina DOONER, born 13 November 1944. She married _____ ENSOR.

           ii   Averil DOONER, born 12 April 1947. She married _____ HOLMES

          iii   Thomas DOONER, born 19 August 1948

         iv   Angela DOONER, born 19 October 1949. She married ______ HARRISON

          v   Lorraine DOONER, born 6 October 1950. She married _____ BROWN

          vi   Cedric DOONER, born 15 January 1954


86. George Edward ELSE, born Sep Q 1913 (ref: Aston 6d 946). He married Louisa L STEELE in Sep Q 1940 (ref: Birmingham 6d 1460). Louisa died, aged 42, in June Q 1954 (ref: Birmingham 9c 243). Confirmed 1927. George died on 13 September 1983. Buried 21 September 1983 at Brandwood End Cemetery, Birmingham.


                i    Valerie ELSE

               ii    Catherine ELSE


87. Alfred John ELSE, born 27 November 1922; baptised 7 December 1922 at St Anne's Roman Catholic Church, Alcester Street, Birmingham. Confirmed 17 May 1934. He married Violet R RICHINGS in Dec Q 1945 (ref: Birmingham 6d 941) and he died, aged 64, in Birmingham in July 1987.  


              i    John P ELSE, born March Q 1955, Birmingham


88. Elizabeth BURNS , born 1 February 1923, married John HALSALL on 4 January 1947. They lived in Sparkhill, Birmingham and later at Pool Farm, Birmingham.


              i    Tony HALSALL

     110   ii    Barbara HALSALL

             iii   June HALSALL

             iv   David HALSALL

             v    Denise

            vi    Gill HALSALL

            vii   Linda HALSALL


89. Sheila ELSE, born 20 October 1925 in Kings Heath, Birmingham, married Donald CLEAVER, born 17 May 1919. Sheila died on 17 October 2005 in Birmingham.


              i   Simon CLEAVER. He married Diana Yvonne WOODHOUSE on 8 March 2004 at Solihull Registry Office.


90. Vera ELSE, born 25 November 1920 in Quinton, Birmingham, married Carden Wifred DEPPER (born 26 May 1919 at Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire) on 6 May 1944. She died in 1990.


              i   Roger Carden DEPPER, born 10 February 1945, Kings Heath, Birmingham. Married Hilary Ann Kelsall CLARK.

             ii  Clive David DEPPER, born 21 December 1946, Kings Heath, Birmingham. Married Angela EASTON.              


91. Brenda ELSE, born 29 August 1930 in Kings Heath, Birmingham married Harry Victor LEASON (born 23 January 1926, died 2 September 1984, Kidderminster) in Dec Q 1953, Birmingham. She died in 2001.


             i   Moira LEASON, born 14 March 1958

            ii   Wendy Ruth LEASON, born 7 April 1961


92. Edward John ELSE, born 5 April 1938, married Valerie Irene GREEN, (born 11 June 1942,  baptised 28 June 1942 at St Andrew's Church, Bordesley, Birmingham) on 16 March 1963, Stratford Road Baptist Church, Birmingham. He is a retired sales manager in the packaging industry; she is a retired teacher and lecturer.


                    i      Stewart Mark ELSE, born 31 October 1966, Sorrento Maternity Hospital, Birmingham.

                      ii    Joanne Clare ELSE, born 6 January 1970, Sorrento Maternity Hospital, Birmingham.


93. Maurice John ELSE, born 16 October 1930, Birmingham. He married Anne P OMAN in Dec Q 1950 (ref Birmingham 9c 1115). He died in May 2005, aged 74.


                      i     Kevin J ELSE, born March Q 1952, Birmingham


94. Roy Isaiah HARTLAND, born 1946. Married Janice M PHILLPOT in June Q 1970 (ref: Solihull 9c 2425).


                   i   Rebecca HARTLAND

                 ii   Christopher HARTLAND, born 26 February 1973; died June 1987.

                  iii   Victoria HARTLAND

                  iv   Alexander HARTLAND


95. Joyce Evelyn GREEN, born 11 December 1930, 113 Bordesley Park Road, Small Heath, Birmingham. On her marriage to Ernest William (Ernie) JONES (born 2 June 1925, Aston) on 21 July 1951 in Hall Green, Birmingham she was living at 104 Mapleton Road, Hall Green; at her death in 1997 she lived at 17 Meriden Rise, Solihull. Ernie died in 2000.


                i   John Clark JONES, born 18 October 1956, Solihull. He married Kim YOUNG, born 1958, at St Alphege Parish Church, Solihull on 5 April 1980. Both are police officers.


96. John William ELSE, born 10 December 1932 at 94 Alderbrook Road, Solihull. He is a graduate metallurgist and retired airline captain. He married:   

            (1) Vibeke Friis REITEL (3 December 1960 in Frederiksberg, Solbjerg Sogn, Copenhagen Vester);

               (2)  Rosemary _________

                  Children of 1st marriage:     

              i   Elisabeth Reitel ELSE, born 11 September 1962

                  Children of 2nd marriage:     

             ii   John Edward ELSE


97. Albert Henry ELSE, born 17 December 1917, married Minnie BIBB, born 7 September 1918, in December Q 1937 (ref Birmingham 6d 1028). He died on 13 August 2002; she died on 26 July 1990. They are buried at Yardley Cemetery, Birmingham.


              i   George ELSE, born 19 February 1938, died 22 January 2000. Buried at Yardley Cemetery, Birmingham.

                 ii    Joyce P ELSE, born March Q 1944 (ref: Birmingham 6d 488)

             iii    Irene ELSE


98. John ELSE, born 25 October 1920 in Floodgate Street, Birmingham. He was a horizontal borer, and married _______ DUGMORE in 1942 at St Edburgh's Church, Yardley. He died in April 1992.


              i   Vivian C ELSE, born Dec Q 1943 (ref: Birmingham 6d 980)

             ii   Christopher John ELSE, born June Q 1951, Birmingham


99. Charles ELSE, married Isobel WOODWARD in June Q 1953, Birmingham.


              i   Helen S ELSE, born March Q 1954, Birmingham


100. Joseph ELSE, born 18 March 1933, married Sylvia ASHTON, born 29 March 1938 on 23 July 1966 at The Register Office, Birmingham.  He is a retired shop owner.               


              i   Amanda Rose ELSE, born 23 April 1973


101. Eric John ELSE, born 30 August 1933, married Hazel Irene LANE, born 29 June 1936, at George Road Baptist Church, Birmingham. He is a retired warehouseman.


        111  i   Stephen John ELSE

        112 ii   Susan Marie ELSE



102. Andrew David ELSE of Leek, Staffordshire. Married:

        (1) Tracy _________

        (2) ______________

                  Children of 1st marriage:

            i    Gemma ELSE

           ii    Melissa ELSE

          iii    Lucinda ELSE


103. Garry ELSE. He married Sharon RILEY.


               i   Kieran Reece ELSE, born March 1997        


104. Paul ELSE of Ravenstone. Married _________.


               i   Scarlett ELSE, born July 2008


105. Simon John HALL, of Swannington. Married Emily WILLIAMSON.


               i  Eleanor Megan HALL

              ii  Alice Rose HALL


106. Nicola HALL, married Gary BURLINGHAM (became BURLINGHAM-HALL)


              i    Peter John BURLINGHAM-HALL


107. Rodney Stewart ELSE, born 27 August 1944 in Retford, Nottinghamshire. He was a probation counsellor. Married:

            (1) Kate DORE (born 26 June 1947) on 20 March 1968

            (2) Ena _______.

            (3) Susan TAYLOR, married 5 November 1988, California, USA

                  Children of 3rd marriage:         

            i   Jodi ELSE  


108. Vivien Lesley ELSE, born 14 May 1943 at East Retford Nursing Home, Retford, Nottinghamshire. She married Simon Maxwell HICKS (born 14 January 1940, Kingston on Thames). He is a civil servant, working as a Principal in the DSS.


            i   Julian Maxwell HICKS, born 2 February 1963. He married Jeanette Heather Elizabeth WORT (born 17 June 1967, St Andrews, Scotland) on 8 April 1999 in Nottingham. He is a sound engineer and music teacher. 


109. David George SOAR, born 30 July 1951, a quality engineer. He married Patricia HOBBS (born 26 June 1951) at Cinderhill Church, Nottingham on 26 June 1971.


      113   i    Wendy Michelle SOAR

              ii    David Peter SOAR, born 3 April 1978, Nottingham


110. Barbara HALSALL married Walter TARPLEE.


      114  i  Lorraine TARPLEE

             ii  Darren TARPLEE, born 20 May 1972


111. Stephen John ELSE, born 29 October 1960. He married Michelle M FINNEGAN in June 1988.


                i   Laura Elizabeth ELSE, born June 1992

               ii   Christopher John ELSE, born September 1994

              iii   Megan Louise ELSE, born March 1996


112. Susan Marie ELSE, born 26 July 1963. She married Paul M SCOFIELD in May 1987.


                i   Rebekah Marie SCOFIELD, born February 1990

               ii   Joshua Paul SCOFIELD, born March 1993



113. Wendy Michelle SOAR, born 3 October 1974, a special needs teacher. She married Lee BROOME, born 1970, Mansfield.


              i   Jorja Holly BROOME, born 19 July 2004, Mansfield


114. Lorraine TARPLEE married Shaun O'DRISCOLL.


      115   i   Aaron O'DRISCOLL

              ii   Phillip O'DRISCOLL, born 26 November 1987


115. Aaron O'DRISCOLL lives with his partner Louise ______.


              i   Tia O'DRISCOLL, born 21 November 2004







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