27.07.1878 - 22.03.1937

Fred LES




1.  Harry ILES, born before 1698.  He married Ann, born before 1699.


                      i      Elizabeth ILES, baptised 21 July 1716, Purton, Wiltshire

                      ii     Ann ILES, baptised 5 March 1719, Purton, Wiltshire

                      iii    Hana ILES, baptised May 1721, Purton, Wiltshire

                      iv    Jane ILES,  baptised 16 October 1724, Purton, Wiltshire

            2.       v     Harry ILES

                      vi    Mary ILES, baptised 14 June 1733, Purton, Wiltshire

                     vii   John ILES, baptised 23 November 1735, Purton, Wiltshire

St Mary's Church, Purton



2.  Harry ILES, baptised 12 December 1726, Purton, Wiltshire.  He married Ann PEDLINGHAM, 28 April 1753, in Purton, Wiltshire.  Buried: 16 April 1772, Purton, Wiltshire.


                      i      John ILES, baptised 24 February 1754, Purton, Wiltshire

            3.       ii     Thomas ILES

                      iii    William ILES, baptised 15 Oct 1758, Purton, Wiltshire.

                      iv    Mary ILES, baptised 27 Apr 1763, Purton, Wiltshire.

                      v     Harry ILES, baptised 7 Apr 1765, Purton, Wiltshire.

                      vi    Edmund ILES, baptised 20 Mar 1768, Purton, Wiltshire.

                      vii   Sarah ILES, baptised 25 Mar 1770, Purton, Wiltshire.



3.  Thomas ILES, baptised 30 Nov 1755, Purton, Wiltshire.  He married Mary TIDMARSH, 23 Apr 1787, in Purton, Wiltshire. He was an agricultural labourer, living at Pavenhill, Purton in 1841.


             4.       i      Richard ILES

             5.       ii     William ILES

                      iii    Anne ILES, baptised 22 Mar 1789, Purton, Wiltshire.

                      iv    Edmund ILES baptised 24 Jul 1791, Purton, Wiltshire.

                      v     Betty ILES, baptised 27 Oct 1793, Purton, Wiltshire, buried: 19 Jan 1795, Purton, Wiltshire.

                      vi    Sarah ILES, baptised 20 Mar 1786, Purton, Wiltshire.

            6.       vii   Henry ILES

            7.       viii  Charles ILES

                      ix    William ILES, baptised 16 May 1800, Purton, Wiltshire.

                      x     John ILES, baptised 8 September 1802, Purton, Wiltshire.

                      xi    Elizabeth ILES, baptised 30 December 1804, Purton, Wiltshire

            8.       xii   James ILES

            9.       xiii  Martha ILES



4.  Richard ILES, baptised 8 July 1787, Purton, Wiltshire. He was an agricultural labourer, married to Rebecca __________. In 1841 they were living at Pavenhill, Purton, as they were in 1851 when both Richard and Rebecca are described as paupers and agricultural labourers. Richard ILES died in March Q 1854 (ref: Cricklade 5a 21). In 1861 the widowed Rebecca was living with her children at The Square, Purton. She died in Dec Q 1865 (ref: Cricklade 5a 15)


                    i     Charles ILES, born 1820, a tailor's apprentice (1841), tailor (1851, 1861)

                   ii     Eunice ILES, born 1825, a pauper and house servant (1851), house servant (1861)


5. William ILES, baptised 8 July 1787, Purton, Wiltshire. He married Elizabeth WELLS in Purton in 1812. In 1851 the family was living at Hundred Acres, Brinkworth, Wiltshire. William was an agricultural labourer.


                    i    Ann ILES, baptised 10 September 1826, Purton. She was dumb.

                   ii    Sophia ILES, baptised 8 August 1830, Purton.

          10    iii    Mark ILES


6. Henry ILES, baptised 17 December 1797, Purton, Wiltshire, occupation Postmaster/Baker.  He married Rebecca WILKINS, 10 April 1827, in Ramsbury, Wiltshire, born before 1811; buried: 31 March 1875.  Henry buried: 15 July 1882. In 1851 the family lived on Ramsbury High Street.


                      i      Mary Ann ILES, born 1830.  She married Benjamin POYNTER, 10 Jan 1856, in Ramsbury, Wiltshire, born 1830, Paislerbury, Northamtonshire, occupation Wheelwright.

                      ii     Elizabeth ILES, baptised 30 Sep 1832, Ramsbury, Wiltshire. She was a governess (1851)

                      iii    Charles ILES, baptised 15 Feb 1835, Ramsbury, Wiltshire. He was a writing clerk (1851)

                      iv    Henry ILES, baptised 18 Feb 1838, Ramsbury, Wiltshire, buried: 6 May 1882, Ramsbury, Wiltshire.

           11.       v     John ILES


7.  Charles ILES, baptised 17 Dec 1797, Purton, Wiltshire, occupation coachman and hotel keeper.  He married Charlotte COFFIELD, before 1826, baptised 26 Mar 1797, Leigh, Worcestershire. By 1841 the family had moved from Bath to Malvern, and lived at Church Terrace where they ran a small lodging house. Charles retained his position as coachman and servant to a Malvern household while Charlotte ran the lodging house. In 1851 and 1871 she was listed as a lodging house keeper. The family lived at Richmond Villa, Richmond Road, Leigh in 1871 (near St Matthias Church, Malvern Link).

Richmond Villa, Richmond Road, Malvern

     She died 1 February 1872, Leigh, Worcestershire.  Charles died 19 December 1884, Leigh, Worcestershire.


            12.       i      Alfred Phillip ILES

            13.      ii     Mary Ann ILES

            14.     iii    Emma ILES

                      iv    Henry Edwin ILES, born 12 March 1833 and baptised 14 April 1833, Countess of Huntingdon's Chapel, Malvern, Worcestershire.

            15.     v     Jane ILES

                      vi    Louisa ILES, born 31 January 1836 and baptised 4 February 1836, Countess of Huntingdon's Chapel, Malvern, Worcestershire.  She was a milliner and dressmaker (1861).  She married George COLE, born Worcester 1834 – the son of John COLE (plumber and glazier), a plumber and glazier, 17 February 1859, in St Mary's, Great Malvern, Worcestershire. In 1871 the couple were living at 3 Stewart's Lane, Battersea.

                      vii   Martha ILES, baptised 8 August 1839, St Mary’s, Great Malvern, Worcestershire. In 1871 she was still unmarried, living at home, listed as assistant in lodging house.


8. James ILES, born 1801, Purton. He was a cordwainer (1841), married to Mary BRIDGEMAN. In 1841 - 1861 they were living at Pavenhill, Purton. In 1861 James was listed as an agricultural labourer.


               16    i     Edmund ILES

               17    ii    Maurice/Morris James ILES

               18   iii    Alfred ILES

                       iv   John ILES, born 1837

                        v   Mary Ann ILES, born 1840, a dairymaid (1861)

                19  vi   Julia ILES


9. Martha ILES, baptised 4 March 1810, Purton, Wiltshire. She married Thomas HARRIS, a dealer, (born 1791, Widcombe, Bath, Somerset, son of Thomas HARRIS) on 16 August 1838, Parish Church, Temple, Bristol

Children of 1st marriage:

                      i      John HARRIS, born 28 May 1828, Hinton Blewett, Somerset

                ii    Mary HARRIS, born about 1832, Hinton Blewett, Somerset. Died 1833.

                       Children of 2nd marriage:

        20      i      Henry Frederick HARRIS.

                 ii     Alfred HARRIS, born 24 August 1841, Shortwood, Hinton Blewett, Somerset.

                 iii    James HARRIS, born 3 November 1843, Hinton Blewett, Somerset.

        21     iv    Charlotte Ann HARRIS.

                       v   Frank HARRIS, born 30 September 1847, Hinton Blewett, Somerset.

        22     vi    Edward William HARRIS.

        23     vii   Jesse HARRIS.

                     viii   Frances Emily HARRIS, born 16 July 1856 in Bishop’s Sutton, Chew  Magna, Somerset. Died May 1857 in Bishop’s Sutton, Chew Magna, Somerset.



10. Mark ILES, baptised 20 November 1836, Brinkworth. He married Eliza VIZARD in the last quarter of 1858 (ref: Malmesbury 5a 85). He was an agricultural labourer. In 1861 the family lived at Braydon, Purton.


                           i    William ILES, born 1858/9, Purton

                          ii    Edward ILES, born 1860, Purton


11.  John ILES, baptised 25 September 1842, Ramsbury, Wiltshire, occupation Wheelwright/Carpenter.  He married Eleanor Sarah PIKE, 2 August 1864, in Ramsbury, Wiltshire, born 1842, (daughter of Robert PIKE).


                       i     Betsie Louisa ILES, baptised 23 March 1866, Ramsbury, Wiltshire.

               24    ii     Henry Robert ILES

                      iii   William John ILES, born 3 January 1873, baptised 13 February 1873, Ramsbury, Wiltshire, buried: 11 March 1874, Ramsbury, Wiltshire.

                      iv  Frederick Charles ILES, born 2 July 1874, baptised 24 August 1874, Ramsbury, Wiltshire.

                       v  Evelyn Mary ILES, baptised 21 March 1877, Ramsbury, Wiltshire.

                       vi  Sarah Florence ILES, baptised 30 April 1880, Ramsbury, Wiltshire.

                      vii  Alice Leonora ILES baptised 24 January 1883, Ramsbury, Wiltshire.

                      viii  Mabel Winifred ILES, baptised 30 November 1884, Ramsbury, Wiltshire.


12.   Alfred Phillip ILES, born 3 March 1826, baptised 26 June 1826, Argyle Independent Chapel, Bath, Somerset, occupation Plumber, Glazier & House Painter.  He married:

(1)   Mary JONES (daughter of Paul JONES, wheelwright), 14 February 1850, at All Saint’s, Worcester; died 24 July 1853; buried 29 July 1853, aged 27, at St Mary’s, Great Malvern. She was the Cook for Maria, Countess of Roden (wife of the 3rd Earl of Roden) who lived at Tintern House, Great Malvern.

(2)   Hannah STEED (daughter of Edward STEED, labourer), 31 January 1857, at The Register Office, Great Malvern. Alfred left her, and the family temporarily dispersed around 1870 (see below). By 1881 she was living with George SLATER, and listed in the census as Hannah SLATER, although they never married. Her eldest daughter, Elizabeth Ann, married George SLATER's son. In 1901 she lived at Brompton Cottage, Newtown Road, Great Malvern, working as a seamstress on her own account. It was her son-in-law who reported her death, correctly as Hannah ILES, on 23 October 1913, aged 78, at Somerset Villa, Link Top, Great Malvern.

(3) Catherine TOMLINSON, 5 October 1873, in St Jude's, Birmingham. She was the daughter of John and Catherine GOLLICKER, from County Mayo, Ireland, who in 1871 were living in Cambridge. He was a clothes dealer/hawker.  

     (4) Hannah (Annie) BARNETT, 4 June 1876, in St Jude's, Birmingham 

Alfred and Hannah ILES were living at the Back of 144 Icknield Street, Birmingham in 1881. Alfred died on 27 December 1885, Western Road Workhouse, Birmingham. At that time his widow was living at 2 Gladstone Place, Sandy Lane, Birmingham. Following Alfred’s death, Hannah married Joseph ROOKER on 26 December 1887. In 1891 they lived at Court 8, House 5, 75 Macdonald Street, Birmingham. In 1901 the widowed Hannah was a laundress, working from home at 95 Carlton Road, Aston. She died at Birmingham Workhouse infirmary, Western Road on 10 November 1913, aged 66 years.

                             Children of 1st marriage:

                     i      Charles ILES, born 25 March 1853; died 1 September 1857; buried 4 September 1857, St Mary’s, Great Malvern

                             Children of 2nd marriage:

                    i       Elizabeth Ann ILES, born 17 August 1857 in Great Malvern. In 1871 she was working as a general servant for Emma Blizzard at 20 Caroline Buildings, Lyncombe, Bath (down the hill from where her sister Emma was living in the orphanage/foster home). By 1881 she had returned to Malvern, and married George William Slater, a sweep, there in 1882.


                      i      Ellen M SLATER, born 1893/4


20 Caroline Buildings, Lyncombe, Bath  

               25    ii      Charles Alfred ILES

                    iii      Emma/Emily ILES, born 30 October 1864 in Great Malvern. Her birth certificate gives no name for her. In the 1871 census she was living at 2 Macaulay Buildings, Lyncombe, Bath - an orphanage and foster home. She is listed as 'Emma ILES' a 'foster child'. In the 1881 census she is listed as Emily, and is back in Malvern working as a general servant for Edwin Pearce, a Refreshment House Keeper at Northumberland House, St Ann's Road, Great Malvern.

                          The orphanage at 2 Macaulay Buildings, Lyncombe, Bath                     

                      iv     Jane ILES, born 1866; died 23 July 1866, Great Malvern

                             Children of 4th marriage:

              26     i      Fred ILES, born 27 Jul 1878 (listed as ROOKER in 1891 census)

                            Children of Hannah's 2nd marriage:

              27     i    Sophia ROOKER, born 1888.


13.  Mary Ann ILES, born 29 February 1828 and baptised 23 March 1828, Countess of Huntingdon's Chapel, Malvern, Worcestershire.  She was a Medical Rubber, like her 2nd husband. She married:

(1)  Robert CHURCHYARD. He died in June Q 1863 (ref: Upton 6c 177)

(2) William John BOWDEN, born 1830, Tower Hamlets, Middlesex, occupation Medical Rubber. He died at home (24 Blenheim Crescent, Kensington) on 11 April 1883, aged 53 years.

Countess of Huntingdon's Chapel, Malvern


In 1881 the family was living at 24 Blenheim Crescent, Kensington,  London. Father Charles ILES was visiting.

Children of 1st marriage:

                    i   Charles Arthur CHURCHYARD, baptised 14 November 1849 at St Mary’s, Great Malvern, Worcestershire. He died shortly afterwards, and was buried on 24 November 1849 at St Mary's.

               28  ii   Laura Selina CHURCHYARD

               29  iii   Amy Blanche CHURCHYARD

               30  iv   Minnie Grace CHURCHYARD

                    v   Albert Cofield CHURCHYARD, born June Q 1860, Malvern, Worcestershire (ref: Upton 6c 321), occupation Solicitor's Clerk.

                  vi   Florence Belinda CHURCHYARD, born Sep Q 1861 (ref: Upton 6c 292)


14.     Emma ILES, born 22 March 1831 and baptised 17 April 1831, Countess of Huntingdon's Chapel, Malvern, Worcestershire.  She was a dressmaker (1851) and married William John PICKARD, born Bridgnorth – the son of John PICKARD (builder), 27 Oct 1853, in St Mary’s, Great Malvern, Worcestershire, occupation Builder (Clerk of Works 1873). In 1881, Emma PICKARD was a widow, living at 9 Oulton Street, Battersea. In 1891 she is listed as living on her own means at 86 Latchmore Road, Battersea.


                      i      Alfred PICKARD, born 1859, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, occupation Carpenter (1881). In 1891 he was unmarried, living at home - a park constable.

                      ii     Jane PICKARD, born 1860, Bridgnorth, Shropshire. In 1891 she was living at home, unmarried - a baker's shop assistant.

                 31  iii    Harry E PICKARD

                     iv  Walter PICKARD, born 1864, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, occupation Lawyer's Clerk (1881).

                       v     Helen PICKARD, born 1867, Brighton, Sussex.

                     vi    Kate PICKARD, born Dec Q 1868, West Hartlepool, Durham (ref: 10a 135). In 1891 she was at home, unmarried - a baker's shop assistant.

                     vii  Mabel PICKARD, born Sep Q 1870, Battersea (ref: Wandsworth 1d 559)

                    viii  Charlotte Elizabeth PICKARD, born March Q 1873, Knightsbridge, Middlesex (ref: St George's Hanover Square 1a 365). Baptised 13 April 1873 Malvern Link Parish Church.

                      ix    Frank PICKARD, born 1876, Battersea, Surrey. In 1891 he was working as an office boy.


15.  Jane ILES, born 31 January, 1836 and baptised 4 Feb 1836, Countess of Huntingdon's Chapel, Malvern, Worcestershire.  She married James Edward BRISTOW, occupation Ironmonger's Clerk (occupation = clerk (in London) 1870, occupation = bookkeeper 1873, occupation = ironmongers clerk 1881, home decorators clerk 1891, builders clerk 1901). In 1881 they lived at Cowleigh Bank, Leigh, Worcestershire, and had moved little by 1891: Wisendale, Cowleigh Road, Leigh. In 1901 the widowed James BRISTOW was living at 1 St Peter's Villa, Cowleigh Road, Malvern.


                     i   William Charles BRISTOW, baptised 13 March 1870 Malvern Link Parish Church (address given as London)

                      ii    Laura BRISTOW, born 1868, West Hartlepool, Durham. Baptised 13 March 1870 Malvern Link Parish Church (address given as London). She married Frank SUTTON, a clerk, in the last quarter of 1890 (ref: Martley 6c 457). In 1891 they were living at 3 Cemetery Road, North Claines, Worcester. In 1901 she was at home with her father in Malvern.

                     iii   Amy BRISTOW, born 1870, Malvern Link, Worcestershire. Baptised 13 March 1870 Malvern Link Parish Church (address given as London). In 1891 she was a domestic nurse. In 1901 she was still at home, unmarried.

             32   iv   Clara BRISTOW

                   v    Kate BRISTOW, born 1875, Malvern Link, Worcestershire.   In 1891 she was a domestic barmaid.

                   vi    Harry BRISTOW, born 1879, Malvern Link, Worcestershire. In 1901 he was living at home, a carpenter by trade.

                  vii  Frank BRISTOW, born 1881, North Malvern, Worcestershire. In 1901 he was living at home, a builder's clerk.


16.    Edmund ILES, born 1825, an agricultural labourer. He married Anna COMPTON (daughter of Benjamin COMPTON, labourer). In 1861 they were living at Red Street, Purton.


                      i      Jane ILES, born 1851/2, Purton

                     ii      Caroline ILES, born June Q 1854 (ref: Cricklade 5a 25)

                    iii      Charles ILES, born March Q 1858 (ref: Cricklade 5a 31)

                     iv     John ILES, born 1857/8


17. Maurice/Morris James ILES, born 22 October 1836, Purton. He was a farmer who married Emma RIVERS in Cricklade in 1857. Morris and Emma had their niece Selina Ann (Annie) living with them in England in 1871, and took her to the US, where she appears still living with the couple in the 1880 US census. Annie was the daughter of Morris' brother Alfred ILES and Emma's sister Jane Dowswell RIVERS. He died 17 November 1900 in Merlin, Josephine, Oregon, USA.


                     i   Mary White ILES, born 1854, Wiltshire


18. Alfred ILES, born 1837/8. He married Jane Dowswell RIVERS in Purton in 1855.


                        i   Ellen Louisa ILES, born 1860, Cricklade. She married George PAGINTON.

                         ii   Abraham Ernest ILES, born 1862, Cricklade

                        iii   Selina Ann (Annie) ILES, born 1866, Purton

                        iv   Martha Merintha ILES, born 1866, Purton. In 1881 she was a servant for Charles BEAK, a farmer, at Pavenhill.

                      v   Emma Dora ILES, born September 1869, Purton (ref: Cricklade 5a 34). She married in Derby in 1891 (ref: June Q 1891, Derby 7b 824)


19. Julia ILES, born 1844, Purton. She married John PRINCE, a labourer, in Cricklade in 1867. In 1871 they were living at Dogridge, Purton. In 1881 John was a labourer in the Great Western Railway factory. Julia died in June Q 1889, aged 45 (ref: Cricklade 5a 24). By 1891 the widowed John was living at The Square, Purton.


                   i  Joseph PRINCE, born Sep Q 1869, Liddington (ref: Highworth 5a 12). Died, aged 2, in Sep Q 1871 (ref: Cricklade 5a 17)

                        ii    Mary Ann PRINCE, born 1870, Liddington (ref: Sep Q 1870, Highworth 5a 18; died, aged 1, Sep Q 1871 Highworth 5a 11)

                     iii   Caroline PRINCE, born 1872, Purton. In 1891 she was a general servant (nurse) at the home of Arthur E WALKER, manufacturer of fancy goods, at 53 Arlingford Road, Brixton

                    iv   Mary Ann PRINCE, born 1874, Purton. She was a domestic house keeper (1891)

                    v    Joseph George PRINCE, born 1877, Purton. He was a plough boy (1891)

                    vi    Harriet PRINCE, born 1880, Purton

                   vii    Charles H PRINCE, born 1887, Purton


20. Henry Frederick HARRIS, born 23 September 1839, Sutton, Somerset. Died 9 October 1912, Sperling, British Columbia, CANADA. He married:

(1) Margaret WATKINS, 1865, South Wales.

(2) Martha WATKINS, 13 June 1874, Stellarton, Nova Scotia, CANADA.

                      Children by 1st marriage:

               i      James HARRIS, born 7 November 1866, Stellarton, Nova Scotia, CANADA. Married Leila Jane BRYANT. Died 9 November 1943.

               ii     Samuel HARRIS, born 14 January 1868, Stellarton, Nova Scotia, CANADA. Died 26 October, 1900 in Cottonwood House, Caribou, British Columbia, CANADA.

               iii    Mary Charlotte HARRIS, born 3 July 1872, Stellarton, Nova Scotia, CANADA. Died 24 August 1872 in Stellarton, Nova Scotia, CANADA.

               iv    William HARRIS, born 3 July 1872 in Stellarton, Nova Scotia, CANADA. Died 20 August 1872, Stellarton, Nova Scotia, CANADA.

                      Children by 2nd marriage:

                      i      David Isaac HARRIS, born 7 February 1873 in Stellarton, Nova Scotia, CANADA. Died 24 February 1952, New westminster, British Columbia, CANADA.

                      ii     Thomas HARRIS, born 16 June 1874 in Stellarton, Nova Scotia, CANADA. Died 21 December 1918 in Sperling, British Columbia, CANADA.

                      iii    Linton HARRIS, born 6 December 1881 in Westville, Nova Scotia, CANADA. Married Josephine Bertha YEOMANS 4 October 1911 in Langley, British Columbia, CANADA. Died in Langley, British Columbia, CANADA on 15 March 1979.


21. Charlotte Ann HARRIS, born 14 September 1845, Hinton Blewett, Somerset. Married James PAYTON. Died 28 May 1878 in Bristol.


                    i      Ada Louise PAYTON, born 14 March 1878, England. Died 4 April 1966 in Burnaby, British Columbia, CANADA.


22.  Edward William HARRIS, born 10 September 1850 in Sutton Wick, Chew Magna, Somerset. Died 31 October 1912 in Westville, Nova Scotia, CANADA. He married:

(1) Elizabeth BLACKER, 10 November 1870, Wesleyan Church, Albion Mines, Stellarton, Nova Scotia, CANADA

(2) Sarah W URQUHART, 6 November 1880, Westville, Nova Scotia, CANADA

       Children of 1st marriage:

            i         Martha Morris HARRIS, born 2 March 1871, Westville (Arcadia Mines), Nova Scotia, CANADA

            ii        William HARRIS, born 12 February 1873, Stellarton, Nova Scotia, CANADA; died 1 June 1875, aged 2 years and 4 months.

            iii       Jesse HARRIS, born 30 June 1876, Union Centre, Pictou County, Nova Scotia, CANADA; married Jennie MACDONALD 20 December 1916 in Westville, Nova Scotia, CANADA.

            iv       Sarah Blacker HARRIS, born 14 December 1877; died 20 March 1881, aged 3 years and 3 months

            v        Margaret HARRIS, born 17 September 1879, Nova Scotia; married William NELDER 11 November 1905, Langley, British Columbia, CANADA; died 5 October 1913, Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA.

                      Children of 2nd marriage:

            i         Estella HARRIS. Married George Daniel MACDONALD, 26 June 1907.

            ii        William Edward HARRIS, born 18 May 1885, Union Centre, Pictou County, Nova Scotia, CANADA; married Henrietta Amelia Rae BAILLIE, 24 June 1908, Westville, Nova Scotia, CANADA; died 2 February 1961, Castlegar, British Columbia, CANADA.


23.  Jesse HARRIS, born 22 June 1853 in Sutton Wick, Chew Magna, Somerset. Died 4 January 1926 in Bloomington, Maryland, U.S.A. He married:

(1)  Margaret BLACKSTON (no issue)

(2)  Mary Florence MURPHY, 17 June 1897, Oakland, Maryland, U.S.A.

Children of 2nd marriage:

           i         Irene HARRIS, born 3 February 1898, Bloomington, Maryland, U.S.A.; married Hugh Richard MORRIS; died 12 November 1918 Westernport, Maryland, U.S.A.

            ii        Baby girl HARRIS, born about 1899; died about 1899, Bloomington, Maryland, U.S.A.

            iii       Baby boy HARRIS, born about 1900; died about 1900, Bloomington, Maryland, U.S.A.

            iv       Arthur HARRIS, born 21 April 1900; died 1900, Bloomington, Maryland, U.S.A.

            v        Raymond William HARRIS, born 3 September 1902, Bloomington, Maryland, U.S.A.; died 19 February 1910, Bloomington, Maryland, U.S.A.

            vi       Alfred Francis HARRIS, born 15 September 1904, Bloomington, Maryland, U.S.A. Married Opal Irene LAMBERT 11 April 1936, Westernport, Maryland, U.S.A. Died 17 May 1983, Westernport, Maryland, U.S.A.

            vii      Edward Russell HARRIS, born 10 April 1907, Bloomington, Maryland, U.S.A. He married:

(1)    Nora E WILT

(2)    Ruby Green OTTO

            viii     Mary Ellen HARRIS, born 2 August 1909, Swanton, Maryland, U.S.A. She married Clarence Russell PAUGH.

            ix       Alta Madeline HARRIS, born 23 November 1911, Bloomington, Maryland, U.S.A. Married George Washington MOON.

            x        Margaret Lovada HARRIS, born 9 January 1914, Swanton, Maryland, U.S.A. She married Floyd L PAUGH. Died 5 January 1999, Bloomington, Maryland, U.S.A.

            xi       Charlotte Evelyn HARRIS, born 25 September 1916, Swanton, Maryland, U.S.A.; married George PAUGH; died 1 October 1978, Westernport, Maryland, U.S.A.



24.  Henry Robert ILES, baptised 20 February 1870, Ramsbury, Wiltshire.  He married Louise PENNY, 1 October 1892, in Ramsbury, Wiltshire, born 1867, Marlborough, Wiltshire, (daughter of John PENNY and Ellen BRISTOW). In 1901 they were living at 75 Common Road, Bromley. He was a carpenter.


                     i      Ellen (Nell) ILES

            33.    ii     Henry ILES.

                     iii    Violet ILES, born 1895, Ramsbury.  She married Arthur ELLIS.

            34.     iv    Percival ILES.

            35.     v     Sidney Ernest ILES.

                     vi    Doris ILES.

            36.     vii   William Charles ILES, born 19 February 1907.


25.  Charles Alfred ILES, born 14 October 1862; baptised 10 November 1862, St Mary’s, Great Malvern. In 1871 he was listed as living with Robert Winter, a farmer of 355 acres, and his family in Foston, Lincolnshire. By 1901 he had married and lived in his native Malvern, at Finder's Cottage, Newtown Road (next to Link Top Villa where sister Annie was living) He was a bricklayer. He was also a military man, spending three periods in the army. He married to Kezia BROWN in Solihull on 29 July 1891.


                      i      Annie ILES

                      ii     Alfred Edward ILES

                      iii    Charles Henry (Harry) ILES

                        iv    Kathleen ILES, born 1 February 1902, Malvern

                      v    William ILES, born 31 August 1905, Malvern

                      vi   Frank ILES, born 26 March 1908, Malvern


26.  Fred ILES, born 27 July 1878, Birmingham.  He married Florence Annie BALDWYN on 4 March 1900 at  Holy Trinity Church, Bordesley, Birmingham She died on 8 July 1964 at Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham, buried: Yardley Cemetery, Birmingham.  Fred died on 22 March 1937, buried: Yardley Cemetery, Birmingham.


            37.     i      Florence Annie ILES

            38.     ii     Lily Elizabeth ILES

                      iii    Violet Sophia ILES, born 29 April 1910, baptised 15 May 1910 at St Andrew’s Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. Married Walter Cecil HALL, born 9 May 1907, a machine hand, on 4 August 1934 at St Andrew’s Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. No children. Walter died in August 1983, aged 86; Violet died on 15 January 2007, aged 96.

            39.     iv    Irene Beatrice ILES.

            40.     v     Nellie ILES.

            41.     vi    Doris Hannah ILES.

            42.     vii   Edith ILES.

                     viii  Amy ILES, baptised 22 July 1915 at St Andrew’s Church,   Bordesley, Birmingham. Unmarried. She died on 20 October 1985, aged 70.

            43.     ix    Harold Arthur ILES

            44.     x     Leonard Alfred ILES.

            45.     xi    Frederick ILES.

                     xii   ‘Baby’ ILES.

                     xiii  Elsie ILES, baptised 25 June 1914 at St Andrew’s Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. Died 27 June 1914, 66 Wolseley Street, Birmingham, aged 2 months.

                    xiv  Winifred ILES, baptised 9 August 1905 at Holy Trinity Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. Died 11 May 1907, 99 Carlton Road, Aston, Birmingham, aged 20 months.

Holy Trinity Church, Bordesley, Birmingham

27. Sophia ROOKER, born 17 March 1889 at 1 Court 8 Rea Street South, Birmingham. She married Reginald PYMM, a post office clerk, on 31 May 1913 at St James Church, Bristol. She died (a widow) on 27 February 1974 at 34 Overhill Road, Downend, Bristol.


                      i      Ronald Reginald PYMM, born March Q 1917 (ref Bristol 6a 76), died March 2002 in Plymouth.

                     ii      Marjorie Hilda PYMM, born 31 March 1921 (ref: June Q 1921: Bristol 6a 69). She died in Sep Q 1972 (ref: Sodbury 7b 1239)


28. Laura Selina CHURCHYARD, baptised 30 November 1851 at St Mary’s Great Malvern, Worcestershire. She married James BROWNLEE in June Q 1881 (ref: Kensington 1a 25).


                      i    Laura Frances K BROWNLEE, born first quarter 1882 (ref: Kensington 1a 154); died Sep Q 1882 (ref: Kensington 1a 86)


29. Amy Blanche CHURCHYARD, born June Q 1854, Malvern, Worcestershire (ref: Upton 6c 320). She married James W GOLDING, a shipbroker's clerk, in the first quarter of 1876 (ref: Marylebone 1a 857). In 1881-91 they lived at 14 Bonchurch Road, Kensington; in 1901 at 2 Stracey Road, Willesden.


                   i    James Percy GOLDING, born March Q 1878 (ref: Kensington 1a 107). He was a general merchant's clerk. He married in Sep Q 1906 (ref: Steyning 2b 590)

                      ii  Sydney Ralph GOLDING, born Sep Q 1879 (ref: Kensington 1a 90) He was a traveller for the Pneumatic Tyre Company who married:

                (1) __________ in March Q 1907 (ref: Rochford 4a 866)

                (2) Elsie KING in June Q 1922 (ref: West Ham 4a 170)

                    iii Amy Constance GOLDING, born June Q 1881 (ref: Kensington 1a 116). She died, aged 1, in 1882 (ref: June Q 1882, Kensington 1a 60)

                   iv  Lily Gertrude GOLDING, born 1885, Kensington. She married in Sep Q 1907 (ref: Chesterton? 3b 295)

                   v    Hugh Bertie GOLDING born March Q 1887 (ref: Kensington 1a 161)


30. Minnie Grace CHURCHYARD, born June Q 1858, Malvern, Worcestershire (ref: Upton 6c 302). She married Charles Ambrose PHILLIPS, a railway clerk. In 1891 they lived at Gladstone Villas, 3 Cowley Mill Road, Hillingdon and in 1901 at 2 St George's Villas, Hillingdon.


                   i    Charles A PHILLIPS, born 1885, Notting Hill

                   ii   John Percival PHILLIPS, born March Q 1887 (ref: Uxbridge 3a 30). He married in Sep Q 1911 (ref: Uxbridge 3a 52)

                  iii   Frank G PHILLIPS, born 1889, Uxbridge

                  iv   Harry Leonard B PHILLIPS, born Dec Q 1890 (ref: Uxbridge 3a 29)


31. Harry E PICKARD, born 1862, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, occupation builder's clerk (1881). In 1891 he was still at home, unmarried - a silver plate polisher. By 1901 he had married Mary A _________, 10 years his junior, and was living at 131 Clarence Road, Wimbledon. He was employed as an electrical draughtsman.


                      i      John J PICKARD, born 1895, Battersea

                      ii     Richard A PICKARD, born 1900, Wimbledon


32. Clara BRISTOW, born 1872, Malvern Link, Worcestershire. Baptised 13 April 1873 Malvern Link Parish Church. In 1891 she was a school teacher. She married Charles Joseph BOOTH, a builder, farmer and lime merchant, in June Q 1896 (ref: Martley 6c 409) and in 1901 they were living at Lower House Farm, Lower Hounsell, Malvern.


                      i     Charles S BOOTH, born 1898, Malvern



33.  Henry ILES, born 1894, Ramsbury.  He married Lilian WILKINSON.


                      i      Phylis ILES.


34.  Percival ILES, born 1900, Bromley.  He married Nelly WITHERS.


                      i      Doreen ILES, born c 1928.

                      ii     Leslie ILES, born c 1938.


35.  Sidney Ernest ILES, baptised 16 March 1901, occupation Carpenter.  He married Kathleen Sylvia Rosina WATTS, 16 April 1927, born 17 November 1901, died 14 February 1998.


            46.     i      Olive Kathleen Mary Louisa ILES, born 3 July 1928.

            47.     ii     Sidney Henry ILES, born 22 April 1930.


36.  William Charles ILES, born 19 February 1907, Enfield, Middlesex, occupation Carpenter.  He married Nellie WITHERS, 30 March 1929, in Goffs Oak, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, born 14 February 1905, Enfield, Middlesex, (daughter of Harry and Jenny WITHERS) died 14 February 1976, Enfield, Middlesex, buried: Crematorium, Enfield, Middlesex. William died 6 February 1976, Enfield, Middlesex, buried: Crematorium, Enfield, Middlesex.                        


            48.     i      Charles Sidney ILES, born 11 May 1930.


37.    Florence Annie ILES, born 11 November 1901, baptised 20 January 1904 at Holy Trinity Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. Married Leonard John ROBERTS, a grinder, on 7 June 1924 at St Andrew’s Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. She died, aged 92, in February 1994.


                      i      Leonard (Lennie) ROBERTS

                      ii     William (Bill) ROBERTS

                      iii    Graham ROBERTS


38.    Lily Elizabeth ILES, born 25 December 1902  (ref: March Q 1903, Aston 6d 250), baptised 20 January 1904 at Holy Trinity Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. She died, aged 87, in July 1990.

      The wedding of Lily ILES and Arthur NEVILL


1         Arthur Phillip NEVILL, a driller, on 20 March 1926 at St Andrew’s Church, Bordesley, Birmingham.

2         Arthur BENNETT

3         Arthur KENNETT

Children of 1st marriage:

                      i      Joyce NEVILL

                      ii     Terence (Terry) NEVILL

                      iii    Dennis NEVILL, born 1933


39.   Irene Beatrice ILES, born 3 September 1918.  She married Douglas Verdun GREEN, (born 15 February 1917, son of Thomas Jeremiah GREEN and Annie nee WHITEHOUSE) on 19 October 1940, in St Andrew's, Bordesley, Birmingham.  Irene died 4 January 1999, 25 Drummond Road, Bordesley Green, Birmingham; Douglas died 28 October 2005.


            49.      i           Valerie Irene GREEN

            50.      ii          Sandra Beatrice GREEN

            51.      iii         John Douglas GREEN


40.   Nellie Amelia ILES, born 20 April, 1912 (ref: Sep Q 1912, Aston 6d 485). Married widower Edward James TUFFIELD, born 1907, an engine assembler (1935) and gun rifler (1936). He was the son of Edward TUFFIELD, a caster. He married his first wife, Dorothy Mary HEWITT, on 21 September 1935 at Christ Church, Sparkbrook, Birmingham. 

Nellie died, aged 86, in July 1998.                    

                                   Children of 1st marriage:

                       i        Sylvia Mary TUFFIELD, born 11 November 1936, baptised Christ Church, Sparkbrook, Birmingham on 6 December 1936

                         ii        David TUFFIELD

                                   Children of 2nd marriage:

                        i           Hazel TUFFIELD


41.   Doris Hannah ILES. Born 14 September, 1908 (ref: Dec Q 1908,  Aston 6d 191). Married Albert Henry SMITH, born 29 November 1904, a fitter, on 5 August 1933 at St Andrew’s Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. They lived at 5 Church View, Walford Road, Sparkbrook. Albert died, aged 78, on 4 March 1983; Doris died, aged 80, on 15 December 1988.


                  52    i        Barry John Henry SMITH,

                        ii        Ann Beverley SMITH, born 17 May 1946, baptised June 1946 at Emmanuel Church, Sparkbrook, Birmingham


42.   Edith ILES. Born 8 October, 1906 (ref: Dec Q 1906, Aston 6d 209). Married James Henry O’HANLON, born 22 January 1903, a gas worker, on 6 April 1931 at St Andrew’s Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. Edith died, aged 82, in Birmingham in January 1989; he died in June 1989, aged 86.


                        i           Maureen O’HANLON

                        ii          Brian O’HANLON


43.   Harold Arthur ILES, born 25 February 1924, baptised 9 March 1924 at St Andrew’s Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. Married Olive Doris TUDOR, born 13 September 1923. Olive died, aged 75, in April 1989; Harold died on 25 September, 2005.


                        i           Carol ILES

                        ii          Laraine ILES


44.   Leonard Alfred ILES, was born on 17 November 1920, and baptised on 2 December 1920 at St Andrew’s Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. He married Marian TAYLOR (born 29 November 1920 in Oldham, Lancs., died 3 February 2005) on 4 April 1942 at St Margaret's Church, Ward End, Birmingham. Leonard died on 6 February 1999.

Marian ILES with baby Marlene, 17 March 1944


               53      i          Marlene Ann ILES

               54     ii          Gillian ILES

               55     iii         Leonard Frederick ILES

               56     iv         Alan Richard ILES

               57     v          Susan Marian ILES

               58     vi         Jacqueline ILES


45.   Frederick ILES, born 1904, baptised 20 January 1904 at Holy Trinity Church, Bordesley, Birmingham.

Holy Trinity Church, Bordesley

He was a radial driller (electrical fittings) in 1930. Married:

1.           Hilda May POWELL on 26 December 1927 at St Andrew’s Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. She died in June 1928, and was buried on 21 June 1928 at Yardley Cemetery, Birmingham (plot 45103).

2.          Mary PITT, born 1906, daughter of Alexander and Elizabeth PITT (nee OLIVER). The wedding took place at The Register Office, Birmingham on 24 May 1930.

Frederick ILES died on 3 July 1967 - he was dead on arrival at Birmingham General Hospital, following a heart attack at home, 74 Ward End Road, Birmingham.

Children of 2nd marriage:

                  59    i         Joan Mary ILES

                         ii        Margaret R ILES, born Sep Q 1932 (ref: Birmingham N 6d 797)

                        iii        Constance A (Connie) ILES, born Dec Q 1933 (ref: Birmingham 6d 318)

                        iv        Frederick A (Freddie) ILES, born June Q 1939 (ref: Birmingham 6d 483)

                         v        Edna J ILES, born June Q 1939 (ref: Birmingham 6d 484). She died in Dec Q 1939 (ref: Birmingham 6d 485)



46.  Olive Kathleen Mary Louisa ILES, born 3 July 1928.  She married Stanley Thomas WREN, (born 6 July 1921, Woolwich, London) in 1947, in St John's Wood, London.


            60     i      Rosemary Kathleen WREN, born 6 July 1947.

            61     ii     Ian WREN, 14 August 1953.

            62     iii    Jon Stanley WREN, born 14 August 1953.


47.  Sidney Henry ILES, born 22 April 1930.


            63     i      David Sidney ILES

                      ii     Jonathan ILES, born KUWAIT.  He married Carol COCKCROFT

                      iii    Alexander ILES, born KUWAIT.  He married Camilla LANDGREN

                      iv    Rebecca ILES born KUWAIT.

                      v     Louise ILES, born SCOTLAND.


48.  Charles Sidney ILES, born 11 May 1930, Enfield, Middlesex.  He married Ingeborg Emile Hermiene SAUTHOFF, 18 November 1950, in Enfield, Middlesex, born 16 April 1928, Hanover, GERMANY, (daughter of Gottlieb Franz Johann SAUTHOFF and Irmgard Lina Minna TIMMERMANN) died Enfield, Middlesex, buried: Crematorium, Enfield, Middlesex.


            64       i      Susan ILES, 16 born 15 April 1953.

                      ii     Margaret ILES, born 4 December 1954, Enfield, Middlesex.

                      iii    Stephen ILES, born 25 February 1963, Enfield, Middlesex.


49.   Valerie Irene GREEN, born 11 June 1942, baptised 28 June 1942 at St Andrew's Church, Bordesley, Birmingham; married Edward John ELSE (born 5 April 1938, son of Edward John ELSE and Gertrude May Millinda EDWARDS) on 16 March 1963, Stratford Road Baptist Church, Birmingham.


                      i      Stewart Mark ELSE, born 31 October 1966, Sorrento Maternity Hospital, Birmingham.

                      ii     Joanne Clare ELSE, born 6 January 1970, Sorrento Maternity Hospital, Birmingham.


50.   Sandra Beatrice GREEN, born 2 October 1945, Birmingham; married Michael CUNNINGHAM (Born 23 August 1946, son of _____ CUNNINGHAM and Rose ___)


                      i      Ian CUNNINGHAM, born 6 June 1978, Birmingham

                      ii     Robert CUNNINGHAM, born 11 April 1981, Birmingham


51.  John Douglas GREEN, born 22 August 1951, married Susan BURKE (born 6 May 1951, daughter of Spencer  BURKE and Rose ____ )


                      i      David GREEN, born 9 January 1978, Birmingham

                      ii     Alan GREEN, born 18 April 1980, Birmingham


52. Barry John Henry SMITH, born 25 August 1937, baptised 12 September 1937 at St Andrew's Church, Bordesley, Birmingham. He married Carol Ann YARDLEY, born 5 March 1943.


            65        i      Karen Nicolle SMITH

            66        ii     Steven Barry SMITH

            67        iii    Stuart John SMITH


53. Marlene Ann  ILES, born 3 August 1943 at Warneford Hospital, Leamington Spa, baptised at St Andrew's Church, Bordesley, Birmingham on 5 September 1943. She married Edward Brian DANGERFIELD (born 28 April 1937) at Tyseley Methodist Church, Tyseley, Birmingham on 1 September 1962.


             68         i      Christine Ann DANGERFIELD

             69         ii     Beverley Jane DANGERFIELD

             70        iii     Steven Brian Alan DANGERFIELD


54. Gillian ILES, born 10 March 1945 at 19 The Poplars, Fellows Road, Birmingham, christened at Emmanuel Church, Sparkbrook, Birmingham. She married Michael PALFREY, born 16 November ____.


                      i      Jane PALFREY, born 25 October 1981

                      ii     Nicola PALFREY, born 16 April 1983


55. Leonard Frederick ILES, born 23 July 1946 at 19 The Poplars, Fellows Road, Birmingham, was christened at Emmanuel Church, Sparkbrook, Birmingham on 10 August 1946. He married Ann DOHERTY, born 22 June ______.


                      i     Sharon ILES, born 26 December _______.

                      ii    Jennifer ILES, born 26 May _________.

                      iii    David ILES


56. Alan Richard ILES, born 7 August 1948 at 19 The Poplars, Fellows Road, Birmingham, was christened at Emmanuel Church, Sparkbrook, Birmingham. He married Ruth PICKARD (born 4 September 1952 at Glenroyd Maternity Hospital, Blackpool, christened 4 January 1953 at St Mark's Church, Layton, Blackpool) on 28 October 1978 at St Mark's Church, Layton, Blackpool.


57. Susan Marian ILES, born 9 March 1958 at Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham, christened at Tyseley Methodist Church, Tyseley, Birmingham. She married David REYNOLDS (born 3 June 1953, christened Holy Cross Church, Yardley Wood, Birmingham) on 22 September 1979 at St Mary's Church, Acocks Green, Birmingham.


                   i      Samuel REYNOLDS, born 11 July 1990 at Solihull Hospital, Solihull, christened 13 January 1991 at Lapworth Parish Church, Lapworth.


58. Jacqueline ILES, born 3 July 1967 at Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham, christened at Gospel Lane Methodist Church, Hall Green, Birmingham on 17 September 1967. She married Andrew MANNING (born 26 May 1966) on 22 June 1991 at All Saints Church, Bromsgrove.


                      i      Joshua MANNING, born 13 August 1996, christened at Web Heath Church, Redditch on 1 June 1997.


59. Joan Mary ILES, born 17 November 1920 at 65 Eversley Road, Birmingham, married Ronald Leonard BAYLISS (born 28 June 1926, a dumper driver, son of Leonard and Elsie BAYLISS, nee LANGFIELD) on 3 August 1950 at The Register Office, Birmingham. Ronald BAYLISS died in East Birmingham Hospital, Birmingham on 15 September 1989.


                  i     Ronald Frederick BAYLISS, born 4 February 1951, a butcher, married Jennifer PLUMB, born 1950, at The Register Office Birmingham on 6 May 1972.



60. Rosemary Kathleen WREN, born 6 July 1947, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire.  She married:

(1)  Frederick WHITE, 2 October 1965, in Salisbury, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, born 31 July 1941, Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA.

(2)  Trevor WARD, 28 February 1981, in Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, born 25 October 1941, Enderby, Leicestershire.


            71       i     Jennifer WARD, born 18 October 1967.

                      ii     Richard WARD, born 21 March 1970, Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA.


61.  Ian WREN, born 14 August 1953, Harlow, Essex. He married Anne KETCHELL.


                      i      Christopher WREN

                      ii     Peter WREN

                      iii    Caleb WREN


62.  Jon Stanley WREN, born 14 August 1953, Harlow, Essex.  He married Laura Patricia MILLS, 29 April 1978, in Thursday Island, Queensland, AUSTRALIA, born 8 April 1954, Thursday Island, Queensland, AUSTRALIA.


                   i     Camilla Jane Wren, born 26 February 1980, Cairns, Queensland, AUSTRALIA.


63.  David Sidney ILES.  He married Julie Dawn TAYLOR.


                      i      Astraea ILES

                      ii     Kieran ILES

                      iii    Owen ILES


64.  Susan ILES, born 15 April 1953, 22, Mandeville Road, Enfield, Middlesex, occupation Insurance Agent.  She married Royce David HARPER, 15 April 1971, in Edmonton Register Office, London, (born 22 March 1941, Holtham Road, St John's Wood, London, son of Frederick Trevor HARPER and Lucy Alice VEALE baptised 13 April 1941, St Mary, Abbey Road, Kilburn, London) He is an Insurance Agent.


                      i  Wayne HARPER, born 11 January 1973, Enfield, Middlesex, died 29 December 1975, Waltham Abbey, Essex; buried: Crematorium, Enfield, Middlesex.

            72     ii     Cindy Sue HARPER, born 27 Nov 1976.


65. Karen Nicolle SMITH, born 5 April 1962. She married:

                      1) _____________ WRIGHT   

                      2) _____________ MATTHEWS

                      Children of 1st marriage:

              i    Benjamin David WRIGHT, born 7 December 1982, AUSTRALIA

             ii    Richard John WRIGHT, born 29 May 1985, AUSTRALIA

                       Children of 2nd marriage:

          i    Alexander Nicolle MATTHEWS, born 2 November 1993, AUSTRALIA


66. Steven Barry SMITH, born 23 June 1964. He married ____________.


                   i   Daniel Steven SMITH, born 25 May 1990, AUSTRALIA

                  ii   Kallie Elizabeth SMITH, born 19 October 1995, AUSTRALIA

                 iii   Blake William SMITH, born 12 August 1997, AUSTRALIA


67. Stuart John SMITH, born 30 May 1970. He married _________.


                  i   Cameron Stuart SMITH, born 9 December 1992, AUSTRALIA

                 ii   Mitchell John SMITH, born 15 July 1998, AUSTRALIA

                iii   Clayton Jack SMITH, born 9 May 2006, AUSTRALIA


68. Christine Ann DANGERFIELD, born 4 December 1965 at 313 Vicarage Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham, christened in February 1966 at Hazelwell Methodist Church, Kings Heath, Birmingham. She married Louis MINCHELLA (born 22 October 1966) on 15 August 1992 at Holy Cross Church, Daventry, Northamptonshire.


                      i     Thomas Louis MINCHELLA, born 9 February 1998 at Banbury Hospital, christened at Bicester Methodist Church

                      ii    Fraser Luc MINCHELLA, born 26 October 2000 at Banbury Hospital, christened at Bicester Methodist Church

                      iii    Eleanor Bethan MINCHELLA, born 11 October 2004 at Dorchester Hospital, died 15 January 2005 at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London


69. Beverley Jane DANGERFIELD, born 9 February 1967 at 313 Vicarage Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham, christened 26 June 1967 at Hazelwell Methodist Church, Kings Heath, Birmingham. She married Kevin Terence AUDOIRE (born 30 May 1968 in Bournemouth) on 18 May 1991 at Holy Cross Church, Daventry, Northamptonshire.


                  i     Simon Kevin AUDOIRE, born 23 April 1996 at Southampton Hospital, Southampton, christened 18 May 1997 at St John's Church, Hythe, Hampshire

                  ii    Jamie Luke AUDOIRE, born 22 May 1998 at Southampton Hospital, Southampton, christened 22 August 1999 at St John's Church, Hythe, Hampshire


70. Steven Brian Alan DANGERFIELD, born 3 August 1971 at Barret Maternity Hospital, Northamptonshire, christened at Daventry Methodist Church, Daventry, Northants. in October 1971. He married Marianne HUNT (born 26 October 1971 at Barret Maternity Hospital, Northamptonshire) on 17 August 1996 at Holy Cross Church, Daventry, Northamptonshire.


                  i     Tristan John DANGERFIELD, born 9 January 1999 at Barret Maternity Hospital, Northamptonshire, christened St Mary The Virgin, Staverton, Northants.

                  ii    Morgan Ruth  DANGERFIELD, born 26 March 2001 at Barret Maternity Hospital, Northamptonshire, christened St Mary The Virgin, Staverton, Northants. on 15 July 2001.



71.  Jennifer Ward, born 18 Oct 1967, Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA.  She married Mario CARDONE, 19 Dec 1992, in Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, born 13 Sep 1967, Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA.


                      i      Daniel CARDONE, born 1 Nov 1994, Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA.

                      ii     Joshua CARDONE born 22 Feb 1997, Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA.

                      iii    Nicholas Thomas CARDONE, born 1 Jun 2000, Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA.


72. Cindy Sue HARPER, born 27 Nov 1976, Waltham Abbey, Essex, baptised 21 March 1982, Nazeing, Essex, occupation Postwoman. Partners:

(1)   Lee WARNER, born 24 Nov 1969, Kettering, Northamptonshire, (son of Frederick WARNER and Jennifer Ann MEADOW), occupation Postman. 

(2)    Bernhard RAAS, born 16 Nov 1957, Switzerland, (son of Bernhard Jacob RAAS  and Bert HOLZER) occupation Video Conference Engineer.


                      i      Gary Aythan WARNER, born 21 Feb 1995, Harlow, Essex.

                      ii     Kurt Bernhard RAAS, born 8 Jul 2000, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire.











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