Edith May PRICE

17.07.1877 - 1950





1. William PRICE, born around 1801. He was a sawyer. He married Sylvia SIDAWAY (daughter of Thomas and Hannah SIDAWAY, born 1800, baptised Cradley 2 October 1803) on 26 December 1829 at Old Swinford, Worcestershire.  In 1841 and 1851 they are listed as living at Wythemore, Dudley, Worcestershire. By 1861 the family had moved to Derby End, Dudley, and had moved on again by 1871 to 37 Belper Row, Dudley, when only Charlotte was still at home. Sylvia died at Cradley Road, Netherton, Dudley on 29 January 1889, aged 92 (according to death certificate).


           2      i  Samuel PRICE

           3     ii  William PRICE

             iii  Thomas PRICE

           5    iv  Charlotte PRICE

                 v  Catherine PRICE, born 1840/1, Dudley. She died in June Q 1844 (ref: Dudley 18 203).

           6    vi  David PRICE



2. Samuel PRICE, baptised 1 December 1831 in Cradley. He married Eliza FARMER (daughter of William and Phoebe FARMER) on 13 February 1856 in Cradley. In 1861 they were living in Park Lane, Aston, Birmingham, occupation gun barrel roller.


              7    i   James PRICE

                   ii    Annie PRICE, born 1865, Birmingham


3. William PRICE, baptised Cradley on 19 January 1834. He was a carpenter. He married Mary ______, born Putley, Herefordshire. In 1871/81 they were living at Montpellier Road, Mathon. Mary died in 1886, aged 56, (ref: March Q 1886, Upton 6c 216). In 1891 the widowed William was a general labourer lodging at 27 King Street, Wednesbury.


                  i    Florence Mary PRICE, born 1864, Mathon (ref: March Q 1864, Ledbury 6a 468)


4. Thomas PRICE, born Mathon, 1836, baptised 18 September 1836.  He was a farm and general labourer. He married Melinda CHANCE, baptised Cradley on 16 November 1834 (daughter of John and Elizabeth CHANCE). She was a laundress (1891). In 1891 they lived at No 5, Pale Cottages, Belmont, Leigh, Malvern Link.


         8   i   Melinda PRICE

         9   ii  Thomas Herbert PRICE

        10  iii  Gertrude Minnie PRICE

        11  iv  Edith May PRICE


5. Charlotte PRICE, born 19 February 1839, baptised 31 March 1839 at St Thomas Church, Dudley. She was a school mistress (1871). She married Thomas WHITMORE (June Q 1880, Stourbridge 6c 251). In 1901 she was widowed and living at 17 Baptist End, Dudley.


                i    Joseph WHITMORE, born June Q 1881 (ref: Dudley 6c 130), an ironfounder


6. David PRICE, born 22 November 1841 at Derby End, Dudley; baptised 26 December 1841 at St Thomas Church, Dudley. He was a sawyer (1861). He married Hannah SMART (born 1843/4, Rowley Regis) in Sep Q 1865 (ref Dudley 6c 48). In 1871 the family lived at Knowle Lane, Rowley Regis, Staffordshire. Their address in 1881 is listed as 63 Springfield Lane, Rowley Regis, Staffs. and in 1901: 67 Springfield Lane, Rowley Regis.


            i   Mary Maria PRICE, born Rowley Regis in March Q 1867 (ref: Dudley 6c 8)

      12    ii   William J PRICE

             iii  Samuel T PRICE, born Rowley Regis 1872/3. In 1901 he was living at home, a brick presser.

            iv   David Henry PRICE, born Rowley Regis (ref: Sep Q 1876, Dudley 6c 27). He was a terra cotter presser who married Agnes LOWE in Stourbridge in June Q 1897 (ref: 6c 287). In 1901 they were living at 21 Springfield Lane, Rowley Regis.

            v   Ernest Edward PRICE, born Rowley Regis 1879/80. He married Frances Jane WALL in June Q 1900 (ref Dudley 6c 154). He was a terra cotta maker. In 1901 they were living at Dudley Road, Rowley Regis.

            vi   Albert Frederick PRICE, born March Q 1883, Rowley Regis (ref: Dudley 6c 14). In 1901 he was a terra cotta presser. He married in Sep Q 1902 (ref: Dudley 6c 27)

           vii   Georgina Minnie B PRICE, born Sep Q 1889, Rowley Regis (ref: Dudley 6c 22).



7. James PRICE, born 1858, Aston. He married Caroline Sarah PRATT in Aston in June 1876. In 1881 they were living at 8 House, 13 Court, Barr Street, Birmingham and in 1901 they were living in Lennox Street, Birmingham. He was a metal annealer.


          13    i    Samuel J PRICE

                 ii    Sarah Elizabeth PRICE, born 1880, Birmingham

          14   iii   John Richard PRICE

                iv    Edith PRICE, born 1886, Birmingham. Emigrated to Canada?

                 v   Agnes PRICE, born 1889, Birmingham   


8. Melinda PRICE, born Cradley, Worcestershire, 1860 (ref: June Q 1860, Bromyard 6a 45_) a laundress. She married Charles Thomas TAYLOR, a blacksmith, late in 1882 (ref: Dec Q 1882, Worcester 6c 535). In 1891 they were living at 20 Church Road, Malvern Link. In 1901 they were at 1 Harold Cottages, Belmont, Malvern Link.


                 i   William Henry TAYLOR (adopted son), born June Q 1894, Leigh (ref: Upton 6c 301)


9. Thomas Herbert PRICE, baptised 11 December 1870, at Cradley, Worcestershire. He was a blacksmith (1891/1901). He married Alice ______, a laundress working from home (1901). They are listed as living at 14 Gas Works Cottages, Malvern Link in 1901.


              i   Harry PRICE, born Malvern Link 1893/4


10. Gertrude Minnie PRICE (known as Minnie), born March Q 1873 (ref: Bromyard 6a 554). She was a domestic servant (1891). In 1893 she married Edward BIRD (ref: Martley 6c 349) who was a non-domestic cab driver. In 1901 the family was living at Regents Cottage, Malvern Link. Minnie died, aged 38, in Sep Q 1910 (ref: Upton 6c 122).


        15   i   Gertrude Emily M (known as Milly) BIRD

              ii   Edward Thomas BIRD, born March Q 1897, Malvern (ref: Upton 6c 297)

             iii   Lizzie Kate M (known as Kitty) BIRD, born June Q 1898, Malvern (ref: Upton 6c 304)


11. Edith May PRICE, born 14 July 1877 at Belmont, Leigh, Malvern. In 1891 she was living with her sister Melinda and her husband. She married:

          (1) Joseph EDWARDS, a journeyman baker, born 1869, on 17 May 1896 at The Countess of Huntingdon's Chapel, Malvern

          (2) Stephen Thomas COLEMAN, born 1866, a journeyman house painter and former soldier (Boer War, Great War)

Edith and Stephen COLEMAN with son, Sid EDWARDS

Stephen died in Birmingham, aged 77, on 3 April 1943 (ref: Birmingham 6d 356); Edith died in Birmingham, aged 72, on 1 June 1950 (ref: Birmingham 9c 489). Both are buried at Brandwood End Cemetery, Birmingham.

                   Children of 1st marriage:

          16   i  Sidney Valentine EDWARDS

          17  ii  Gertrude May Millinda EDWARDS

                      Children of  2nd marriage:

          18    i    Ivy Winifred COLEMAN

          19   ii    Edith Phyllis Jane COLEMAN

          20   iii   Arthur COLEMAN


12. William J PRICE, born Rowley Regis 1869/70. He was a terra cotta finisher. He married Georgina MORSE in March Q 1890 (ref Dudley 6c 93). In 1901 they were living at Dudley Road, Rowley Regis.


            i      William F PRICE, born 1891/2, Rowley Regis



13. Samuel J PRICE, born 1877, Birmingham. He married Fanny ______. The children attended boarding school. He died around 1927 in Manchester.


                  i    Iris PRICE

                 ii    Jimmy PRICE

                iii    ______ PRICE

                iv   _______ PRICE

                 v   _______ PRICE


14. John Richard PRICE, born 1881, Birmingham. He married Kate MOORE (daughter of Samuel MOORE and Celina BAYLISS, born 28 August 1886 in Dudley Road, Birmingham) in 1905. He worked in a pearl button factory, and died in 1912.


          21    i    Samuel Horace PRICE

          22   ii    Kate PRICE


15. Gertrude Emily M (known as Milly) BIRD, born Sep Q 1895, Malvern (ref: Upton 6c 297) She married Reginald MILES in December Q 1913 in Sherborne (ref: Sherborne 5a 819).


              i     Norman R E MILES, born June Q 1915 (ref: Sherborne 5a 544)


16. Sidney Valentine EDWARDS, born 11 February 1900 at 32 Eton Road, Balsall Heath, Birmingham. He married Alice Gertrude REMON (born Dec Q 1902, Medway, daughter of Philip REMON, a royal marines bandsman, and his wife Alice Maria (nee POLLEY)) in Medway in Sep Q 1922 (ref: 2a 1890).


                i   Daphne A R EDWARDS, born Sep Q 1923 (ref: Medway 2a 1254). She married Frederick WALKER in March Q 1946 (ref: Birmingham 6d 4)

                ii    Renee EDWARDS

               iii    Sidney EDWARDS


17. Gertrude May Millinda EDWARDS, born 4 June 1903 at 1 Brompton Villas, Link Top, Great Malvern. She married Edward John ELSE, born 25 January 1895, on 29 January 1929 at the Register Office, Birmingham. He died in April 1978. She died on 4 August 1993.


          i  Dorothy ELSE, buried 15 May 1933 at Yardley Cemetery, Birmingham

          ii  Audrey ELSE, buried 30 July 1938 at Yardley Cemetery, Birmingham

   23    iii   Edward John ELSE


18. Ivy Winifred COLEMAN, born 5 January 1911 (ref: March Q 1911, Aston 6d 201), married John William (known as Jack) JAMES, born 7 April 1908, in Sep Q 1932 (ref: Birmingham S. 6d 749). She married in a joint wedding with her sister, Edith. Ivy and Jack lived at Weoley Castle. Jack died in Birmingham, aged 80, in April 1988; Ivy died in Birmingham in January 1989, aged 78.


       24  i    Pauline I JAMES

            ii    Patricia A JAMES, born Sep Q 1939 (ref: Birmingham 6d 759)

           iii    Martin JAMES


19. Edith Phyllis Jane COLEMAN, born 18 July 1912 at 2 Back 18 Arthur Street, Bordesley, Birmingham. She married Thomas William G PENZER, born 19 June 1908, in Sep Q 1932 (ref: Birmingham S. 6d 749). Thomas died in Birmingham, aged 78, in June 1986.


       25   i    Brian Thomas PENZER

             ii    Colin PENZER, born June Q 1936 (ref: Birmingham 6d 700)

            iii    Gillian M PENZER, born Sep Q 1941 (ref: Birmingham 6d 652). She married Martin John LAMPING (born 10 April 1942) in the Sep Q 1965 (ref: Birmingham 9c 1153). Martin died, aged 48, in February 1991.

             iv    Vivien J PENZER, born Dec Q 1946 (ref: Birmingham 9c 865). She married Neil D ADAMS in Dec Q 1966 (ref: Birmingham 9c 702)


20. Arthur COLEMAN, born 1 December 1914, baptised Christ Church, Sparkbrook, Birmingham on 23 December 1914. He married:

        (1) ______________

        (2) Doreen AUSTIN

                   Children of 2nd marriage:

               i   Karen COLEMAN, born Sep Q 1959 (ref: Birmingham 9c 562)

Arthur died in Birmingham, aged 63, in March Q 1978 (ref: Birmingham 32 1720)



21. Samuel Horace PRICE, born 8 May 1906. He married Lottie LANE in 1927. He died in 1943.


       26   i    Raymond Horace PRICE

       27  ii    Ronald William PRICE


22. Kate PRICE, born 13 May 1908 in Clifton Road, Aston, Birmingham. She married Oliver Ernest BANNISTER (son of James and Elsie, nee CHEETHAM, born 10 October 1910, Aston) on 2 August 1936 in St Paul's Church, Lozells, Birmingham. He died on 23 January 1989 in Bristol; she died on 5 January 1998 in Sutton Coldfield.


            i    Gwendoline Mary BANNISTER, born 29 March 1939, in Birmingham. She died on 7 October 1996 in Birmingham.

              ii      Margaret Cynthia BANNISTER, born 11 November 1944 in Birmingham . She married Graham Eastwood PALMER on 24 July 1976 in Birmingham.


23. Edward John ELSE, born 5 April 1938, married Valerie Irene GREEN, born 11 June 1942,  on 16 March 1963, Stratford Road Baptist Church, Birmingham. He is a retired sales manager in the packaging industry; she is a retired teacher and lecturer.


                      i     Stewart Mark ELSE, born 31 October 1966, Sorrento Maternity Hospital, Birmingham.

                      ii    Joanne Clare ELSE, born 6 January 1970, Sorrento Maternity Hospital, Birmingham.


24. Pauline I JAMES, born June Q 1933 (ref: Birmingham 6d 584). She married John S GROUTAGE in Sep Q 1955 (ref: Birmingham 9c 708).


                   i    Peter J GROUTAGE, born March Q 1959 (ref: Meriden 9c 1419)

                   ii    Andrew J GROUTAGE, born June Q 1960 (ref: Meriden 9c 1325)


25. Brian Thomas PENZER, born 23 July 1933 (ref: Sep Q 1933, Birmingham 6d 585). He married Judith A DOLPHIN in Dec Q 1957 (ref: Birmingham 9c 467) He died in May 1996, in Birmingham, aged 62; Judith remarried in Sep Q 1998 - husband Deryck PARSONS.


                    i    Sally L PENZER, born June Q 1963 (ref: Meriden 9c 1569)

                   ii    Elizabeth Anne PENZER, born June Q 1967 (ref: Meriden 9c 1463)



26. Raymond Horace PRICE, born 10 December 1929. He married Amy Joan HUGHES (daughter of Jim and Laura HUGHES, born 1926). Amy died on 28 November 1997 in Sutton Coldfield and buried on 8 December 1997 at Witton Cemetery, Birmingham.


                   i    David Raymond PRICE, born 3 June 1959

                  ii    Andrew Mark PRICE, born 25 February 1961

                 iii    Graham Gerald PRICE, born 19 July 1964

                 iv    Brian Geoffrey PRICE, born 13 July 1967 


27. Ronald William PRICE, born 19 June 1930. He died in a road accident in 1977. He married:

                1)  Maisie PINDER

               2)  June Anne BRADLEY, born 31 May 1938, Birmingham. She died 1 January 2002 in Walsall.

                        Children of 1st marriage:

                    i   Carole PRICE

                        Children of 2nd marriage:

             28   i    Jacqueline Anne PRICE



28. Jacqueline Anne PRICE, born 10 July 1964 in Birmingham. She married:

                  1)  Gerard PERIGO (born 10 January 1966, Birmingham)

                2) Royden Spencer HOLYLAND (born 4 September 1959, Birmingham)

                  3)  Darren Stephen EVANS, born 19 September 1969.

                 Children of 1st marriage:

            i    Ashley PERIGO, born 7 June 1987, Birmingham

           ii    Zoe Elizabeth PERIGO, born 30 June 1989, Walsall

                 Children of 2nd marriage:

            i    Shelley Louise HOLYLAND, born 13 March 1994, Birmingham







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